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  Sedimentation Special Study -- [SedSS] -- Final Reports
Lang.| No. |Author, Date, Title
Enn/aPatterson, G. 2000. Sedimentation Special Study - Summary of findings. 21p. - [81K]
En1O'Reilly, C. 1998. Impact of sedimentation on primary production. 21p. - [492K]
En2Cohen, A. S., M. R. Palacios-Fest. 1999. Paleo-limnological investigations. 165p. - [2.1Mb]
En3Duck, R. W. and S. F. K. Wewetzer. 1998. Side-scan sonar and echo-sounding surveys of the southern end of Lake Tanganyika. 24p. - [992K]
En4Sichingabula, H. 1999. Analysis and results of discharge and sediment monitoring activities in the southern Lake Tanganyika basin, Zambia. 105p. - [1.7Mb]
En5Drake, N., M. Wooster, E. Symeonakis, and X. Zhang. 1999. Soil erosion modelling in the Lake Tanganyika catchment. 67p. - [8.4Mb]
En6Eggermont, H. and D. Verschuren. 2000. Impact of sediments on the larval chironomid fauna of river deltas. 4p. - [164K]
En7Brion, N., E. Nzeyimana, L. Goeyens, D. Nahimana, and W. Baeyens. 1999. Nitrogen dynamics in northern Lake Tanganyika. 12p. - [520K]
Fr8Sebahene, M., M. Nduwayo, T. Songore, G. Ntungumburanye, and O. Drieu (ed.). 1999. Travaux Hydrologique et d'echantillonnage sédimentologique du Bassin du Lac Tanganyika (Burundi). 74p. - [1.63Mb]
En9Irvine, K., I. Donahue, E. Verheyen, R. Sinyinza, and M. Taylor. 2000. Impact of sedimentation on biota. 80p. - [320K]
Fr10Kakogozo, B., N. Kahindo, B. Mwenyemaile, and O. Drieu (ed.). 2000. Etude Hydrologique du Bassin Nord-Ouest du Lac Tanganyika (R. D. Congo). 44p. - [1.3Mb]
En11Nkotagu, H., and K. Mwambo. 2000. Hydrology of selected watersheds along the Lake Tanganyika shoreline. 111p. - [711K]
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