Mekong River Commission

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Information and Knowledge Management Programme

The MRC's new Information and Knowledge Management Programme is designed to facilitate access to and use of the data, information and decision support tools necessary to promote and co-ordinate sustainable development of water and related resources in the Mekong Basin. As part of its hydrological information it monitors a network of measuring stations along the Mekong which transmit real-time information on water levels for river monitoring and other uses.

The MRC's Information and Knowledge Management Programme has four separate, but interlinked, programme components.

Data Exchange and Sharing

This component promotes and facilitates exchange and sharing of data on Water Resources, Hydrology and Meteorology as well as all other resources required to implement the work of the MRC's programmes.

Information Management

Primary data will include a set of high quality and integrated MRC-IS databases, including, but not limited to, spatial (GIS), socio-economic, hydrological, meteorological and water quality data. The Programme's new MRC-IS Portal web service will provide a gateway to data and information on the Mekong Basin.

Decision Support Framework

The Decision Support Framework (DSF) is a state-of-the-art computer based system providing the Mekong River Commission (MRC) with the capability to investigate the environmental and socio-economic impacts of changes in the quantity and the quality of flows in the Lower Mekong river system brought about by changing circumstances within the river basin.

Developed through a participatory process with the four countries of the MRC with funding assistance from the Global Environmental Facility, the DSF provides a powerful analytical basis to understanding the behaviour of the river basin and thus to making appropriate planning decisions on how best to manage its water and related natural resources.

The DSF has been developed with a modular structure that will enable the MRC to continue to add new functionalities and models as needs arise. Similarly, the data in the DSF can be readily updated and added to.

Decision Support Systems

This component will focus on maintaining the technical capacity and systems needed to analyse and interpret the primary data and results of models or scenario simulation and includes modelling of water and related resources and use of analytical tools, such as spatial (GIS/Remote Sensing) and time-series.

Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening

This component will ensure there is sufficient regional institutional capacity for efficient data and information collection, management and distribution, including implementation of technical support systems, procedures, guidelines, standards and best practices. It is also establishing a regional framework for cooperation.




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