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There are several presentations done on different studies carried out during the project implementation. They include CI Artesianism 1950-2050 scenario zero, CI Rabattements 1950-2050 scenario zero, CT Artesianism to the Chotts 1950-2050 scenario zero, CT Piezometric level on Gofe or Syrte and the Sahara Sahel Observatory(OSS).

CI Artesianism 1950-2050 scenario zero
These are maps showing the scenario in years to come.
CI Rabattements 1950-2050 scenario zero
Maps showing the scenario in years to come.
CT Artesianism to chotts 1950-2050 scenario zero
maps showing different scenarios.
CT Piezometric level on Gofe or Syrte
Maps showing the different levels in Piezometric Gofe.
Sahara and Sahel Observatory
The Sahara and Sahel Observatory, an independent international organization based in Tunisia, is composed of African and European countries, regional and international organizations, and representatives of civil society. Their mission: Strive to build up an African arena for cooperation and exchange to combat desertification and poverty. Their principle of action: Work with member states and organizations, and strengthen their actions but never act in their stead. Their objective: Harness, disseminate and share information that serves sustainable natural resource management.

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