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Yellow Sea-World Ocean Day Photo Competition Winners

We have received very interesting entries for the Yellow Sea Photo Competition of this year, dealing issues from the oil pollution disaster in Taean, Republic of Korea; the people enjoying the sea to excellent snapshots of the wildlife in the Yellow Sea. Big congratulations to all those who participated in the competitions.

The following are the 3 winners of the Competition 2008 who will receive a new Nano Ipod 4GB with accessories:

Name: Lee Jun Young

Title: Road to Nu-e Island lighthouse
Caption: It is difficult to find the way to the lighthouse at Nuye island because of sunset. The drawing is to harmonize the people who are walking around near light house and wonderful sunset.
It expects that the beautiful Yellow Sea environment will be lasting if we should protect environment.

Name: Jian Xiang Zhai

Title: Rising tide in Dafeng Port
Caption: Intertidal Mudflats in Dafeng County, my son plays with his neighbor, (Yancheng coast, Jiangsu, China)

Name: Kim Seong Min

Title: Missing
Caption: It is a sunrise of Ahnmyun island describing grandma (old women)’s feature who watching rising sun and sea. She looks like remembering something memorable. It is quite impressive to see that grandma dropped tears near the seashore and questioning what she is missing and try to remember in the quiet beach.

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