Below is a categorised list of links to useful documents and websites related to Data and Information.

ASCLME Ecosystem reports   ASCLME National Marine Ecosystem Diagnostic Analyses (MEDA)
    ASCLME Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA)
    ASCLME Strategic Action Programme (SAP)
ASCLME Data policy and plans ASCLME Principles and Guidelines for Data and Information Management  
  ASCLME Regional Data and Information Management Plan  
  ASCLME National Data management plans Comoros
    South Africa
ASCLME Spatial data African Marine Atlas Download GIS data sets for Africa
  African Marine Atlas Demonstration Mapserver site
  Spatial data and metadata search Search the Nairobi Convention Clearinghouse Mechanism regional portal
    Find data for Comoros
    Find data for Kenya
    Find data for Madagascar
    Find data for Mauritius
    Find data for Mozambique
    Find data for Tanzania
    Find data for Seychelles
    Find data for South Africa
Remotely sensed data ASCLME Landsat Image Server Search and download Landsat data optimised for marine and coastal applications
  Marine Remote Sensing Unit  
  African Marine Information System Download data products
  African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development (AMESD)  
Cruises and vessels POGO Directory of research vessels  
  POGO Planned cruises  
  POGO Cruise summary reports  
  ASCLME research cruises  
  ASCLME cruise results Cruise Data Spreadsheet
  ACEP phase 1 cruise data  
In-situ data Centre for In situ Observational Oceanography Moored instruments (metadata, raw data and data products)
  Centre for In situ Observational Oceanography Ship data products (South Africa)
  National Oceanographic data centres Comoros
    South Africa
  SADCO Southern African Data Centre for Oceanography
  WOD World Ocean Database
  WOA World Ocean Atlas
  RAMA The Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction
Projects   Projects currently or recently active in the ASCLME region
Marine specialists Oceanexpert  
Marine Literature OceanDocs  
Important links ODINAFRICA Ocean Data and Information Network of Africa
  PICO Panel for Integrated Coastal Observations
  ACCESS Applied Centre for Climate and Earth Systems Science
  ICAM IOC Portal for Integrated Coastal Area Management
  ICAN International Coastal Atlas Network
  GOOS Global Ocean Observing System
  African Ocean Portal  

A large number (>130) reports and other useful documents are available from here.

A spreadsheet of the status and location of data from ASCLME research cruises is available here.