National reviews: Sources of information

The national Marine Ecosystem Diagnostic Analyses (MEDAs) will be the synthesis of all current knowledge of the coast and ocean, related to ecosystem management. As described in Figure 1, information and data for the national MEDAs will be sourced from published literature, collected in the field, and/or mined from unpublished data and document repositories. The MEDA will also identify knowledge gaps and make recommendations for targeted activities to add to our knowledge of regionally important issues or ecosystem processes. These proposed activities should be rated on a scale of importance so that the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) can consider assistance towards addressing priority issues through early action, or incorporate recommendations into the SAP for implementation after the first phase of the ASCLME Project.

New data will be collected from both ship and shore-based expeditions, processed, and then written-up for peer-review and publication. The document Principles and guidelines for ASCLME data and information management, as agreed by ASCLME participating countries, guides this management plan, including the handling of new data collected with ASCLME Project funding.

Notes on repatriation of existing data to Western Indian Ocean countries

As outlined in the project document, this will be a specific request, facilitated by the ASCLME, for data repatriation to participating countries. Experiences and successes of the Global Ocean Data Rescue and Archaeology (GODAR) project of the IOC/UNESCO will be taken into account.

Data sets required for repatriation will be identified during the course of development of the MEDAs. In addition to the identification of data sets recommended for repatriation, a proposal with budget attached, must be submitted to the ASCLME PCU for the processing/interpretation of data for the purposes of informing the ASCLME MEDA.

Once received, data should be described and lodged at national data centres within a pre-defined time frame, and metadata must be made available online. See also National D&I Management Plans page.