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List of demo and pilot projects implemented under the Russian NPA-Arctic Project on its lifetime is represented in the table here…. Detailed final reports on each project in Russian and English can be found also in the table - just follow a relevant link. As one may see geography of the projects embraces the whole territory of the Russian Arctic. These demonstration and pilot projects were implemented in close cooperation with local and regional authorities and in several cases with a strong donors’ support.

A publication “Demonstration and Pilot Projects. Outputs and outcomes, their assessments and scaling up in the Arctic context” was prepared under this Project component. An electronic version of the publication is available here…


BASES demo project

Environmental Remediation of the Decommissioned Military Bases on Franz Josef Land Archipelago

drum cleaning

The first phase of demo project "Environmental Remediation of the Decommissioned Military Bases on Franz Josef Land Archipelago" was implemented from 15 to 21 of September 2007. Project team of 8 persons were brought to Nagurskaya frontier post in Alexandra Land island on board of Russian r/v "Mikhail Somov". Team members were collecting, cleaning and pressing steel drums with fuel and lubricant remains and also experimented with two types of biologicals to clean top-soil polluted with petroleum hydrocarbons.

All works on this demo project has been completed. To see a final report follow this link...

See photo session on this demo project implementation

CLEANUP pilot project

Cleanup of Arctic Marine Environment Using Biological Filtration Potential of Brown Algae

Brown algae plantation site

The pilot project «Cleanup of Arctic Marine Environment Using Biological Filtration Potential of Brown Algae» was compleated at the turn of the year 2009. The pilot demonstrated an innovative method of cleanup of marine environment from oil pollution. This method is based on biological filtration potential of a symbiotic association of brown algae and hydrocarbon oxidizing bacteria. The new technology has been implemented at the experimental plantation of algae in Olenya Bay of Barrens Sea. Two main sources of oil pollution in this basin are Nerpa ship repair yard, which has a submarine dismantling dock, and naval ships anchored in the open-sea part of the bay. Final demo project report can be seen here... To see a photo report follow this link...





COMAN demo project

Environmental co-management of extracting companies, authorities, and the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North

HerdsmanThe main purpose of this demonstration project, conducted in three model regions – Yamal-Nenets and Nenets Autonomous areas and Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – is the following:
(a)     Creating conditions for joint management of environment protection by executive power bodies, local government bodies, extracting companies and the indigenous peoples of the North at places of traditional habitat and economic activity of these peoples.
(b)     Development of administrative, economic, financial and social mechanisms of environmental co-management by establishing, for example, coordination councils or other bodies, serving as a forum to identify and solve potential conflicts between the indigenous population, industrial companies, executive power and local government bodies and other interested parties.

This project demonstrated how it is possible to create stable co-management practices with the indigenous communities in the context of current economic and social conditions in the Russian Federation. To see a final report follow this link...


Aditional Demo and Pilot Projects

safety training
work with pesticides
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