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Project Objectives

Therefore, GETF, the REC, the GEF, UNDP and IW: LEARN partnered to establish the Living Water Exchange, which will:

  • Prevent – The project will prevent the resurgence of agricultural and non-agricultural diffuse nutrient releases.  There is significant data and scientific agreement that the current nutrient sources in the region derive from diffuse or non-point sources.  This project will showcase the “best of the best practices” that will address these issues in specified beneficiary countries in CEE;
  • Capture – The project will identify, capture, analyze and summarize best practices, lessons learned and technologies to reduce the impacts of nutrient loading in the region;
  • Demonstrate – The project will demonstrate successful replication strategies by facilitating pilot projects (for example agricultural improvements, wetlands restoration, other low-cost solutions to nutrient reduction, etc. ) and transferring knowledge to policy makers and practitioners in the region; and,
  • Replicate – The project will disseminate and promote nutrient reduction best practices and other share information on successful replication strategies in the region, among key decision-makers, practitioners, industries, other stakeholders and the general public.

Please see the complete project description from the GEF website