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Ballast Water Management Country Profile Database

The GloBallast Country Profile Database provides a brief overview of ballast water management arrangements in each IMO member State. Each Country Profile gives a summary of:

  • National institutional arrangements, including any:
    • Lead Agency and Country Focal Point for ballast water matters
    • National policy, strategy and/or action plan on ballast water
    • National /local ballast water legislation & regulations

  • National ballast water management measures, including any:
    • National database / information system
    • Ballast water risk assessments
    • Ballast water sampling programmes
    • Requirements for submission of ballast water reporting forms by ships
    • Implementation of the IMO ballast water Guidelines (A.868(20)) in the country
    • Implementation of the IMO ballast water Convention in the country

  • Any National research & development programmes relating to ballast water matters
  • The status of aquatic bio-invasions in the country

The Profiles can be viewed online or downloaded / printed for use later.


The Country Profile Database is being developed in partnership with the Maritime Environmental Resource Center (MERC).  For additional information on port specific ballast water, and other environmental discharge, regulations visit MERC.

Terms & Conditions

Access to the Country Profile Database is subject to acceptance of these
Terms & Conditions.

These Profiles are provided in good faith as a guide only and are based on information provided by each country. Profiles that do not contain information, indicate simply that the country has not provided/entered the information, and do not necessarily mean that the country does not have arrangements, requirements and/or legislation relating to ballast water. Information in the Profiles is subject to change and should, in each case, be independently verified before any reliance is placed on it.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) hereby excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, any and all liability to any person, corporation or other entity for any loss, damage or expense resulting from reliance on or use of these Country Profiles.

© International Maritime Organization 2009.

These Profiles may be reproduced by any means for non-commercial distribution without addition, deletion or amendment, provided an acknowledgement of the source is given and these Terms & Conditions are reproduced in full.

These Profiles may not be reproduced without the prior written permission of IMO either for commercial distribution or with addition, deletion or amendment.

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