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Groundwater Management Institute of Southern Africa


Evento Descrição
Date : 18-11-2008
Groundwater in the SADC IWRM Initiative - November 18 - 19 2008

 The objectives of the SADC Groundwater and IWRM Conference, to be held in Gaborone, Botswana include:

·         to assess the key groundwater-related issues and problems in the SADC sub-region\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s development as well as they underlying causes and impacts of these issues/problems
·         to assess the state of sustainable utilization and management of groundwater resources in the sub-region against the background of the above-mentioned issues and problems;
·         to initiate actions that will lead towards a broad-based, interlinked (local-national-transboundary-regional-international levels) initiative aimed at building the sub regional capacity for sustainable integrated management of groundwater resources;
·         to develop a framework for the integration of groundwater in the regional  IWRM approach and climate change adaptability planning at a SADC Regional level basis for local, national and regional action, partnership initiatives, capacity building and technical assistance
·         Initiate actions within the African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW)  through which SADC initiative can be appropriately replicated in other regional economic  communities, countries and basin organizations
The conference is a joint collaboration involving SADC, AMCOW and GTZ.


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