Mekong River Commission

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Agriculture, Irrigation and Forestry Programme

The goals of the MRC's Agriculture, Irrigation and Forestry Programme (AIFP) are to ensuring that sound watershed management will preserve the natural resource benefits of watersheds for the future, to develop improved irrigation and water use methods and engage in research on the best methods for monitoring land-use changes and the complete important baseline studies on watershed management, forestry and land use planning.

The AIFP completed its first phase in December 2005. Formulation of new AIFP programme document for 2006 - 2010 is on going.

At present AIFP is conducting activities based on two components: the Water Use Efficiency Component and the Watershed Management Component.

Under these two components, AIFP currently operates four projects:

1) Demonstration of Multi-functionality on Paddy Fields (DMPF)

2) Improvement of Irrigation Efficiency on Paddy Fields (IIEPF)

3) The Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF),

4) The Watershed Management Project (WSMP) executed by GTZ.



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