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Project Components

This folder contains materials and information and updates on the Project Components. Direct links will be provided to the official documents released which is stored in the Documents section

Component 1. Transboundary Diagnostics Analysis

Refers to Outcome 1, Regional consensus on transboundary priorities, their immediate and root causes. The TDA is a a science-based analysis of transboundary water-related concerns and opportunities that exist in multi-country surface water, ground water, and coastal/marine water systems.

Component 1. Transboundary Diagnostics Analysis - Read More…

Component 2. Strategic Action Program

The Strategic Action Program will serve as a sub-regional framework for a prioritized set of national and regional actions to achieve the objective of improving the condition of fisheries in the SCS.

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Component 3. Institutional Development

Component 3 will address institutional and related challenges at the national and regional levels to ensure that the SSME governance structure will be able to implement the SAP and other activities of this Project as well as its other initiatives.

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Component 4. EAF Demonstration Sites

Promoting and adopting an integrated fisheries management approach of Growth, Control, and Maintenance mechanisms to achieve the target of increasing fish stocks at demonstration sites and replication sites

Component 4. EAF Demonstration Sites - Read More…

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