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Trans Diagnostic Analysis

The TDA was conducted to identify and prioritize the transboundary environmental problems and analyse their root causes. A similar activity was conducted in 2002 in the SCS-LME under the GEF/United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)/Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA) Project.

The TDA under the SCS-SFMP is an update of the GEF/UNEP/GIWA findings and analyses of the root-causes of the transboundary problems (TPs). Facilitated by Conservation International, the TDA process that was used in the SCS LME consists of the following steps: (1) identification of the geographical scale of the physical boundary and time scale, (2) identification of TPs relevant within the bounds of the identified geographic and temporal scales, (3) prioritization of the TPs; (4) secondary research and validation; (5) Finalization of the priority TPs, and (6) Casual Chain Analysis.

The identified and prioritized TPs were the following:

1)    unsustainable exploitation of fish

2)    habitat Loss and community modification

3)    pollution

4)    freshwater shortage

5)    global warming

6)    alien and invasive species.

The TDA included the watersheds surrounding the SCS-LME because of the impacts of the activities in the watershed that transcend to the marine ecosystem.  The ecological and socio-economic impacts of these problems, projected to 2020, will be severe unless interventions are put in place.

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