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From: Kashiefa Parker:
The Little Town that Could
Eskom wants to run power lines through a tiny town that even apartheid couldn't reach SHARON VAN WYK - Apr 09 2010 (Mail and Guardian) It's a mouse preparing to roar. A...

From: Lauren:
Registration for DLIST online stakeholder participation course now open
Dear DLISTers After the successful completion of the third Stakeholder Participation Course that was conducted earlier this year, we have decided to run another one w...

From: Justin Kraus:
Re: The (unintended?) consequences of committee formation in ICM projects
Thanks Darryl for your comment. I think it along with Jenny’s comments illustrates a common relationship that people who work in ICM often find themselves. Darryl, as a local go...

From: Darryl Colenbrander:
Re: The (unintended?) consequences of committee formation in ICM projects
In response to Jenny's comments: From a local government perspective (City of Cape Town - approx 22000 employees, 11 different directorates), and as a representative of the C...

From: Francois Odendaal:
Re: Pastoralism proving more resiliant to climate change than stationary farming
Janot posting brings much food for thought, and also makes me recall examples that support the point that pastoralism is proving more resilient to climate change than stationa...

Burning Issues

Indigenous Knowledge

Discussions on DLIST have raised interesting questions around the use and loss of indigenous knowledge in the Benguela region and beyond. We decided to gather that information - in this Burning Issue you can read about indigenous knowledge, threats to indigenous knowledge systems, some interesting case studies of application of traditional knowledge, and what is being done to preserve it.

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The Distance Learning and Information Sharing Tool [ DLIST - Benguela ] community focusses specifically on issues relevant to the coastal area from Cape Point to Nothern Angola - The Bengeula Current Large Marine Ecosystem.

Do you have an environmental questions, need technical advice, or need to find someone who can assist you? ASK AWAY!

Earthnotes Film Festival

This year sees the launch of Earthnotes, an environmental documentary film festival presented by DLIST.

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The DLIST newsletter contains a summary of the recent activities and talking points within the DLIST community. The October issue focuses on topics related to artisenal fisheries and aquaculture.

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Recent Library Uploads

16 Apr: The Gender and water development report 2003
This document contains analyses of four major water sectors proving strong argument for the contentions that inv...

16 Apr: Gender mainstreaming in Integrated water resource management
Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is a way to take different water-needs all as seriously, and rela...

16 Apr: Water, gender and citizenship
This document attempts to contribute to the debate on how to promote equal relations between men and women in ...

16 Apr: Women's collective Action and sustainable water management
This document discusses the Self Employed Women's Association's (SEWA) women,water and work campaign which organ...