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Indigenous Knowledge: Introduction

What DLIST users say…

“We all agree that knowledge is key to our quality of life as well as our future survival. But lately there appear to be serious knowledge transfer breakdowns, by lack of a better term, that may not only jeopardize our future survival in the long run, but simply diminish quality of life”.

In this Burning Issue you can read about indigenous knowledge, threats to indigenous knowledge systems, some interesting case studies of application of traditional knowledge, and what is being done to preserve it. Here’s what you will find in this Burning Issue:

Why this Burning Issue?
Discussions on DLIST have raised interesting questions around the use and loss of indigenous knowledge in the Benguela region and beyond. We decided to gather that information.

What is Indigenous Knowledge?
Read some of the definitions of indigenous knowledge and explore case studies in different countries.

Are we losing our traditional practices?
Western views, rural migration and general disinterest are some of the reasons why indigenous knowledge is being lost or eroded.

Capturing, Sharing, Networking
A reflection on the need to capture indigenous knowledge and examples of initiatives to share information.

Promoting the use of indigenous knowledge
Some examples of initiatives on the ground to revive and apply indigenous knowledge.

Protecting by law
Are indigenous knowledge systems and their holders protected by law?

Here you’ll find a list of more resources about indigenous knowledge and surrounding issues.