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Regional Hotspots: Unfolding the "Big Picture"

Along the south-western flank of Africa a 'Big Picture' is slowly unfolding. For many decades locked in the grip of Apartheid, and with large tracts of land off-limits because of mining and even war, the region is now entering a new era that will see the sustainable development of its rich potential to sustain the human populations that live there.

The 'Big Picture' involves many different regions and processes that are progressing simultaneously. DLIST attempts to achieve synergy between them by encouraging participants to contribute information on a continuous basis and in doing so to assist in the unfolding of the 'Big Picture'.

Click on the different regions of the map to get a bird's eye view of the different areas and processes, or click on one of the region names below:

Namibia-Angola Transfrontier Region
Angola Coastal Communities
Kunene Region
Erongo Region
Hardap Region
Karas Region
South Africa - Namibia Transfrontier Region
Namaqualand Region
Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem