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Coastal Activities

  Link   ASCLME Project
Over the next five years, the nine countries of the western Indian Ocean region, will work together through the Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems (ASCLME) project.

  Link   Tourism, Hospitality, & Leisure Journals
Listing of academic journals related to tourism, hospitality and leisure activities. Content pages are listed on-line, but accessing full text articles requires subscription.

  Link   International Ecotourism Society
Information for tourism operators, 'responsible' travellers and researchers.

  Link   Global Marine Oil Pollution Information Gateway: West and Central Africa
International actors and agreements, regional conventions, agreements, action plans and actors, and regional reports on the state of the marine and coastal environment.

  Link   Alexkor Ltd
Public company dedicated to mining of diamonds on land, along rivers, on beaches and in the sea along the north-west coast of South Africa.

  Link   De Beers Group
Diamond mining company operating in South Africa, Namibia and Angola, as well as worldwide.

  Link   Trans Hex
Trans Hex Group is involved in exploration, mining and marketing of alluvial diamonds from both land and sea operations in South Africa and Angola.

  Link   Namdeb
Namibian diamond mining company with both land and marine operations in Southern Namibia.

  Link   Sonangol, Angola
Researches, explores and produces oil and gas both in Angola's soil and off its Atlantic coast.

  Link   Chevron in Angola
Facts about Chevron's operations in Angola. Chevron is the largest producer of crude oil and liquefied petroleum gases in Angola.

  Link   Green Globe 21
Worldwide benchmarking and certification program which facilitates sustainable travel and tourism for consumers, companies and communities.

  Link   International Centre for Responsible Tourism
Post-graduate training and research centre based at the University of Greenwich, with a sister organisation in South Africa.

  Link   South African Tourism Website
Source of information on travel to and in South African.

  Link   Northern Cape Tourism, South Africa
Useful information for tourists on Northern Cape regions.

  Link   Western Cape Tourism, South Africa
Useful information for tourists on Cape Town and Western Cape regions.

  Link   Namibian Community-Based Tourism Association (NACOBTA)
Information on community-based tourism enterprises throughout Namibia.

  Link   Namibian Tourism Board
Body responsible for bringing together both the private and public sectors in Namibia in implementing the national policy on tourism.

  Link   South-North Tourism Route
Community-based tourism route that is being developed on the basis of equitable, sustainable and responsible tourism in conjunction with local people from the route.

  Link   Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa (RETOSA)
RETOSA markets and promotes the region in close cooperation with national tourist organisations and the private sectors.

  Link   Angola's Tourist Guide - Guia Turístico de Angola
Information on the country and its provinces.

  Link   World Travel and Tourism Council
Represents the private sector and presents details on economic impacts of global tourism and sustainable tourism development.

  Link   State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture
Published by FAO every two years with the purpose of providing stakeholders a global view of capture fisheries and aquaculture, including associated policy issues.