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International Invitation for Bids N°001/LCBC/IBWTP/2007

International Invitation for Bids


1. The Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) is a regional organization created by the convention of Fort-Lamy on May 22, 1964 by the four bordering countries of the Lake Chad (Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad). In 1994, the Central African Republic (CAR) was admitted to the LCBC. The Sudan was admitted as an observer in 2000 while Libya  joined the regional organization in 2007 pending ratification of its  membership.The LCBC has its permanent headquarters in N’Djamena, Chad. The admission of the CAR and Libya has  enlarged the conventional basin size, which is now about 1,000,000 km2.

2. The LCBC has obtained a  grant from its member states in various currencies to fund the cost of the feasibility study of the water transfer project from the Oubangui river to Lake Chad and intends to use this grant for payment of the contract for which this letter of invitation is being issued.

3. The LCBC, represented by its Executive Secretary invites by this International Invitation for Bids, sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for the feasibility study of the Water transfer project from the Oubangui River to the Lake Chad Basin.

4. The  study zone covers two watersheds namely the conventional Lake chad basin ( receiving end ) and the Oubangui basin ( originating) . The technical modalities  of the project anticipates a transfer of water by gravitation from the Oubangui to the Lake Chad.

The feasibility study of the water transfer project ,from the oubangui to the Lake chad , comprises  three (03) allotments and two (02) sectors as follows:

Allotment 1:  Up-dating of the study of the Palambo dam

Country: CAR

Area: 65 km upward of Bangui (CAR)

Specific works

-          Selection of the implantation site of the palambo Dam .

-          Technical design of the dam at the water point level 365m threshold.

-          Simulation of water management up  and down stream of the palambo dam

-          Feasibility study and technical design of different options (number of vanes) and the construction of a hydroelectric generating plant equipped with up to 4 turbines.


Allotment 2:  Lake Chad

Country     : Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad.

Area     :   Around 2,000 square Km at this moment.

Specific works

-          Feasibility study for the opening up of the area around Lake Chad waterbody.

-          Feasibility study for the cleaning up of the Lake Chad area and unclogging of the waterbody channel from wild grass.

-          Feasibility study for the rehabilitation of shoreline and the surrounding lowlands  to enable irrigated agriculture. 


Allotment 3: Chari River

Area: Chad Republic and Cameroon.

Length: 1,000 Km

Specific works

-    Technical design for the consolidation of river banks with gabions and metallic mesh .

-    Feasibility study to enlarge the Chari River

-    Feasibility study and technical design for irrigation network along the Chari River valleys.

-    Feasibility study and design of the canal that should link up the Chari and Logone Rivers to Mayo Kebbi and Benue rivers in an attempt to facilitate water transports from port Harcourt (Nigeria) to Bouca (CAR).

-    Feasibility study and design of an area for vessel traffic and movement between the inland port of Benue and the Mayo Kebbi Rivers.

Sector 1: Chari and Oubangui watershed

Country :    CAR

Area:            Fafa valleys

Specific works

-   Simulation of dredging and enlargement of Fafa river  to enable the water transport.

-     Feasibility study for the construction of a river  port and a hydro electric generating plant at Bouca (CAR).

-       Feasibility study for the leveling up of the access canal of Moissala (Chad) toward the Fafa River (Central African Republic).

-   Feasibility study and technical design of crossing options at the water divide(Chari and Oubangui) through either a  tunnel or an open canal in the mountain.

Ombella valleys

Country : CAR

Area:      Ombella valleys

Length:   to be defined taking  into account the possibility to gain access to area.                 
Specific Works

-         Simulation of dredging and enlargement of Ombella river to enable the water transport.

Sector 2: River portion from Palambo to the oubangui – Congo water inlet

Country        : CAR, DRC, CONGO

Area            : Central African Republic/ downstream portion of the Palambo Dam

                        toward the Oubangui –Congo River inlet

Specific works:

 -    Feasibility study and available options for the deepening up and dredging of the river portion Palambo – Oubangui-Congo inlet.

-      Feasibility study and alternative options for the clearing of silt and weeds of the river portion Palambo – Oubangui-Congo inlet.

-    Feasibility study of the enlargement of the river portion Palambo – Oubangui-Congo inlet.

5. The invitation for Bids  adheres to and follows the internaltional biding procedures.

6. The interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents at the address given below

            Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC)

            Address      :  P.O. Box. 727, N'Djamena, Chad

            Telephone:  (235) 252 - 41 - 45

             Fax            :  (235) 252 - 41 -37


7. A complete set of bid documents  may be purchased by interested bidders   upon payment of a non refundable fee of one thousand five hundred US dollars ($ 1,500). The payment shall be made through  a certified bank draft or in cash. The bidding documents is obtained upon payment of a draft  check to the above mentioned address or by  express mail request,including  non refundable expedition fees.

8. Bids must be delivered to the address above and acceptance of bids closes on the 25th October 2007  at 12H00 local (GMT + 1) . All bids must be accompanied by a bid security  as specified  in the tender document

Late bids will be rejected. The bidder is required  to maintain his offer for a period of 90 days from the deadline of submission of bids.

9. Bids will be opened  in the presence of the bidders representatives who choose to attend in person the opening proceeding on the 25th October 2007 at 13H00 local time, inside the LCBC premise selected for the event.

10.  The selection of the bidders shall be carried out in accordance with the criteria specified in the tender document

                                                                                                                                 N`Djamena,  the  23th July 2007

Engr. Muhammad Sani ADAMU

Executive Secretary

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