Food Chains Models and ManagementFood Chains, Yields, Models, and Management of Large Marine Ecosystems

Ed. by K. Sherman, L. M. Alexander, and B. D. Gold

Westview Press, Inc., Boulder. 1991. 320 p.







Chapter 1

Sustainability of Resources in Large Marine Ecosystems - by K. Sherman

Chapter 2

A Carbon Budget for the Northeast Continental Shelf Ecosystem: Results of the Shelf Edge Exchange Process Studies - by P. Falkowski

Chapter 3

Warm-Temperate Food Chains of the Southeast Shelf Ecosystem - by J. A. Yoder

Chapter 4

Continental Shelf Food Chains of the Northern Gulf of Mexico - by M. Dagg, C. Grimes, S. Lohrenz, B. McKee, R. Twilley, and W. Wiseman, Jr.

Chapter 5

Resource Productivity and Fisheries Management of the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem - by M. Sissenwine and E. Cohen

Chapter 6

Biomass, Yield Models, and Management Strategies for the Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem - by B. E. Brown, J. A. Browder, J. Powers, and C. D. Goodyear

Chapter 7

Spatial/Temporal Scales of Secondary Production in the California Current - by M. M. Mullin

Chapter 8

The State of the Main Commercial Species of Fish in the Changeable Barents Sea Ecosystem - by V. Borisov

Chapter 9

Predictive Yield Models and Food Chain Theory - by A. A. Rosenberg, M. Basson, and J. R. Beddington

Chapter 10

Adaptive Strategies for Management of Fisheries Resources in Large Marine Systems - by J. S. Collie

Chapter 11

Empirical vs. Theoretical: A Critical Review of Fisheries Yield Models for Large Marine Ecosystems - by M. Mangel

Chapter 12

On the Causes for Variability of Fish Populations--The Linkage Between Large and Small Scales - by B. J. Rothschild

Chapter 13

Global Epidemic of Noxious Phytoplankton Blooms and Food Chain Consequences - by T. J. Smayda