Technical Memoranda Downloads

The NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS series (TM) is published by NMFS Offices and Science Centers, and is used for timely documentation and communication of preliminary results, interim reports, or more localized or special purpose information that may not have received formal outside peer reviews or detailed editing. NMFS Offices and Science Centers are responsible for reviews and technical accuracy of TMs. The TMs are numbered publications and can be obtained from the issuing Office or Science Center or the National Technical Information Service(NTIS).

While the following list of documents has been selected for their relevance to the LME management model, a complete list of available NMFS Technical Memorandum can be accessed through the NMFS Scientific Publications Office.


A Framework for Monitoring and Assessing Socioeconomics and Governance of Large Marine Ecosystems
Emerging Theoretical Basis for Monitoring the Changing States of Large Marine Ecosystems
Global Applications of the Large Marine Ecosystems Concept 2007-2010
Large Marine Ecosystems Monitoring Workshop Approach
NOAA Fisheries Service’s Large Marine Ecosystems Program: Status Report
NOAA Large Marine Ecosystem Program Report: Scope and Objectives of GEF Supported Large Marine Ecosystem Projects
Report of the Meeting of the ad hoc Committee on Large Marine Ecosystems
Summary of the Symposium on the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem: Stress, Mitigation, and Sustainability
The Large Marine Ecosystem Concept and Its Application to Regional Marine Resource Management