Northeast Shelf EcosystemThe Northeast Shelf Ecosystem: Assessment, Sustainability, and Management

Ed. by K. Sherman, N. A. Jaworski, and T. J. Smayda

Blackwell Science, Cambridge, MA. 1996. 564 p.








Part One: Ecosystem Sustainability

Chapter 1
Marine Ecosystem Sustainability, by Kenneth Sherman

Chapter 2
The Northeast Shelf Ecosystem: Stress, Mitigation, and Sustainability Symposium--Keynote Address, by John A. Knauss

Chapter 3
Ecological Research for a Sustainable Northeast Shelf Ecosystem and Biosphere, by Charles H. Peterson

Part Two: Physical and Biological Characteristics

Chapter 4
Physical Oceanography of the Shelf and Slope Seas from Cape Hatteras to Georges Bank: A Brief Overview, by David A. Brooks

Chapter 5
Meteorology of the Northeast Shelf, by Owen Hertzman

Chapter 6
Climate Change and Winter Coastal Marine Circulation in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, by Fredric A. Godshall and Henry A. Walker

Chapter 7
The Northeast Shelf Ecosystem: An Initial Perspective, by Kenneth Sherman, Marvin Grosslein, David Mountain, Donna Busch, Jay O'Reilly, and Roger Theroux

Part Three: Population Assessments

Chapter 8
Zooplankton Dynamics in the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem, by Edward G. Durbin and Ann G. Durbin

Chapter 9
The State of Groundfish Resources Off the Northeastern United States, by Vaughn C. Anthony

Chapter 10
Shifts in Northeast Shelf Cetacean Distributions Relative to Trends in Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank Finfish Abundance, by Robert D. Kenney, P. Michael Payne, Dennis W. Heinemann, and Howard E. Winn

Chapter 11
The State of Marine Bird Populations from Cape Hatteras to the Gulf of Maine, by David C. Schneider and Dennis W. Heinemann

Chapter 12
Zooplankton Prey Field Variability During Collapse and Recovery of Pelagic Fish in the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem, by Kenneth Sherman, John Green, Andrew Solow, Steven A. Murawski, Joseph Kane, Jack Jossi, and Wallace Smith

Part Four: Environmental Stresses on the Ecosystem

Chapter 13
Coastal Sediment Contamination in the Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem, by Thomas P. O'Connor

Chapter 14
Biological Responses to Toxic Contaminants in the Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem, by Harris H. White and Andrew Robertson

Chapter 15
Metal Concentrations in Winter Flounder, American Lobster, and Bivalve Molluscs from Boston Harbor, Salem Harbor, and Coastal Massachusetts: A Summary of Data on Tissues Collected from 1986 to 1991, by Jack P. Schwartz, Nina M. Duston, and Carol A. Batdorf

Chapter 16
Riverine Contributions to Heavy Metal Inputs to the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem, by Herbert L. Windom

Chapter 17
Trends in Nutrient Loading and Eutrophication: A Comparison of the Chesapeake Bay and the Hudson River Estuarine Systems, by Thomas C. Malone and Daniel J. Conley

Chapter 18
Preliminary Estimates of the Pollutant Loads and Fluxes into the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem, by Norbert A. Jaworski and Robert Howarth

Part Five: Habitat Degradation

Chapter 19
Habitat Mitigation, by Thomas E. Bigford

Chapter 20
Status, Trends, and Health of Wetlands: A 200-Year Overview, by James Postles Thomas

Chapter 21
Relating Habitat Stress to Fish Productivity: Problems and Approaches, by David S. Peters and Ford A. Cross

Chapter 22
Biotoxins and the Health of Living Marine Resources of the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem, by Alan W. White

Chapter 23
Emergent Stressors and Public Health Implications in Large Marine Ecosystems: An Overview, by Paul R. Epstein

Part Six: Stress Mitigation: Environmental and Biological Considerations

Chapter 24
Effects of Closure of a Continental Shelf Dumpsite, by Merton C. Ingham

Chapter 25
Biological Effects of Contaminants on Shellfish Populations in Coastal Habitats: A Case History of New Bedford, Massachusetts, by Judith E. McDowell Capuzzo

Chapter 26
Multispecies Approaches to Management of Large Marine Predators, by Tim D. Smith, Robert B. Griffin, Gordon T. Waring, and John G. Casey

Chapter 27
Can We Manage Our Multispecies Fisheries?, by Steven A. Murawski

Chapter 28
Potential Benefits from Efficient Harvest of New England Groundfish, by Steven F. Edwards and Steven A. Murawski

Chapter 29
Developing International Law and Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management, by Lawrence Juda

Chapter 30
Summary and Recommendations for the Mitigation of Stress, by Kenneth Sherman, Norbert A. Jaworski, and Theodore J. Smayda