Indian Ocean LMEsLarge Marine Ecosystems of the Indian Ocean: Assessment, Sustainability, and Management

Ed. by K. Sherman, E. Okemwa, and M. Ntiba

Blackwell Science, Inc., Cambridge, MA. 1998. 394 p.






Part One: Assessment and Sustainability of Large Marine Ecosystems

Chapter 1

Assessment, Sustainability, and Monitoring of Coastal Ecosystems: An Ecological Perspective - by K. Sherman

Chapter 2

Trawl Survey Strategies and Applications for Assessing the Changing State of Fish Communities in Large Marine Ecosystems - by M. J. Ntiba

Chapter 3

Strategy and Application for Sampling Large Marine Ecosystems with the Continuous Plankton Recorder and Undulating Oceanographic Recorder/Aquashuttle - by R. Williams and J.A. Lindley

Chapter 4

An Overview of the Status of Marine Pollution in the East African Region - by C. M. Nguta

Chapter 5

Application of the Large Marine Ecosystem Concept to the Somali Current - by E. N. Okemwa

Part Two: Pelagic Ecosystems

Chapter 6

Coastal Upwelling and Other Processes Regulating Ecosystem Productivity and Fish Production in the Western Indian Ocean - by A. Bakun, C. Roy, and S. Lluch-Cota

Chapter 7

Seasonal Fluctuations in Plankton Biomass and Productivity in the Ecosystems of the Somali Current, Gulf of Aden, and Southern Red Sea - by M. A. Baars, P. H. Schalk, and M. J.W. Veldhuis

Chapter 8

Role of Oceanic Fronts in Promoting Productivity in the Southern Indian Ocean - by H. B. Menon

Chapter 9

Mean Monthly Sea-Level Variation and Its Relation to Large-Scale Ocean Circulation in the Southwest Indian Ocean - by S. Ragoonaden

Chapter 10

Spiny Lobsters in the Indian Ocean: Speciation in Relation to Oceanographic Ecosystems - by D. E. Pollock

Chapter 11

Spatial-Temporal Structure of Indian Ocean Ecosystems: A Large-Scale Approach - by S.A. Piontkovski

Part Three: Case Studies

Chapter 12

The Role of Estuaries in Large Marine Ecosystems: Examples from the Natal Coast, South Africa - by J. Andrew, G. Cooper, T.D. Harrison, and A.E.L. Ramm

Chapter 13

Fisheries Resources of Zanzibar: Problems and Recommendations - by C. A. Muhando and N.S. Jiddawi

Chapter 14

The Agulhas Current Ecosystem with Particular Reference to Dispersal of Fish Larvae - by L. E. Beckley

Chapter 15

The Red Sea as an Extension of the Indian Ocean - by A. Getahun

Chapter 16

Status and Future of the St. Lucia Lake System, a Large Estuary of the Southwestern Indian Ocean - by A. T. Forbes and D. P. Cyrus

Chapter 17

Biologic Production and Fishery Potential of the Exclusive Economic Zone of India - by B. N. Desai and R. M. S. Bhargava

Part Four: Management and Governance

Chapter 18

Implications of Agenda 21 of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development on Marine Resources in East Africa with Particular Reference to Kenya and Tanzania - by G. M.Mailu

Chapter 19

Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystem and Related Issues - by L. M. Alexander

Chapter 20

Legal Constraints and Options for Total Ecosystem Management of Large Marine Ecosystems - by E. Somers

Chapter 21

Application of Integrated Environmental Management Toward Solving the Problems Affecting the Tana River Delta and Its Linkage with the Somali Current Ecosystem - by P. A. Raal and L. Barwell

Chapter 22

Marine Conservation Areas in Kenya - by S. D. M. Weru

Chapter 23

Indian Ocean Large Marine Ecosystems: Need for National and Regional Framework for Conservation and Sustainable Development - by S.M. Dwivedi and A.K. Choubey

Chapter 24

Regional Stewardship for Sustainable Marine Resources Management in the Bay of Bengal - by H. b. A. Ahmad, L. Ahmed, A. Atapattu, S. Chullasorn, Y. P. Lui, M. H. Maniku, D. J. Nickerson, J. Pimoljinda, T. H. Purwaka, S. Saeed, E. Soetopo, Suseno, and Y.S. Yadava

Chapter 25

Summary and Recommendations - by E. N. Okemwa, M. J. Ntiba, and K. Sherman