LMEs of the Pacific RimLarge Marine Ecosystems of the Pacific Rim: Assessment, Sustainability, and Management

Ed. by Q. Tang and K. Sherman

Blackwell Science, Inc., Malden, MA. 1999. 465 p.







Chapter 1

A Dynamical Scenario for Simultaneous "Regime-scale" Marine Population Shifts in Widely Separated LMEs of the Pacific - by Andrew Bakun

Chapter 2

Large-scale Climate-related Changes in the Carrying Capacity of Salmon in the Strait of Georgia and Northern North Pacific Ecosystems - by Richard J. Beamish and Chrys-Ellen M. Neville

Chapter 3

The Interdecadal Climatic Change Signal in the Temperate LMEs of the Pacific - by Daniel Lluch-Belda

Chapter 4

Long-term Variations in Pelagic Communities in the Large Marine Ecosystems of the West Pacific Ocean - by V. P. Shuntov, E.P. Dullepova and V.V. Lapko S


Chapter 5

Eastern Bering Sea Ecosystem Trends - by P.A. Livingston, L-L. Low, and R.J. Marasco

Chapter 6

Status and Perspectives of Living Marine Resources of the Yellow Sea Ecosystem in Korean Waters - by Chang Ik Zhang and Suam Kim

Chapter 7

Ecology and Variability of Economically Important Pelagic Fishes in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea - by Qisheng Tang and Xianshi Jin

Chapter 8

The Sea of Japan Large Marine Ecosystem - by Makoto Terazaki

Chapter 9

Changes in the Biomass of the East China Sea Ecosystem - by Ya-Qu Chen and Xin-Qiang Shen

Chapter 10

Changing State and Health of the Gulf of Thailand Large Marine Ecosystem - by T. Piyakarnchana

Chapter 11

Effects of Physical and Biological Changes on the Biomass Yield of the Humboldt Current Ecosystem - by Jurgen Alheit and Patricio Bernal

Chapter 12

The Pacific Central American Coastal LME - by Andrew Bakun, Jorge Csirke, Daniel Lluch-Belda, Rafael Steer-Ruiz


Chapter 13

Differences Between Boreal and Temperate Multispecies Fisheries Systems: Form and Implications for Multispecies Assessment and Management - by Jake Rice

Chapter 14

The Significance and Prediction of Predation in Marine Fisheries - by Nicholas J. Bax

Chapter 15

Acoustic Assessment as an Available Technique in Monitoring the Living Resources of Large Marine Ecosystems - by Qisheng Tang, Xianyong Zhao, and Xianshi Jin

Chapter 16

Shoal Structure of Commercially Important Pelagic Fish in Relation to the Dynamics of Upwelling Marine Ecosystems - by Virgilio Arenas and Carlos Robinson

Chapter 17

Measurements of the Upper Ocean Structure Using Towed Profiling Systems - by J. Aiken, R. Pollard, R. Williams, G. Griffiths, and Ian Bellan

Chapter 18

High-resolution Biogeochemical Monitoring for Assessing Environmental and Ecological Changes in the Marginal Seas Using Ferry Boats - by A. Harashima, R. Tsuda, Y. Tanaka, T. Kimoto, and T. Hagiwara


Chapter 19

Nutrients in the Bohai Sea - by Yi Cui and Yunli Song

Chapter 20

Ecological Carrying Capacity of Semi-enclosed Large Marine Ecosystems - by S. M. Konovalov

Chapter 21

Alteration of Fatty Acid Composition of Coastal Diatoms Under Cadmium Stress - by Jae Sam Yang and Wonho Yih

Chapter 22

Gills and Skin as Bio-indicators of Water Pollution in Fish From Freshwater and a Marine Habitat - by Sjoerd Wendelaar-Bonga, Rob Lock, Li Jie, Chen Minshan, Chen Bijuan, Deng Jingyao

Chapter 23

Pollution in the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem: Monitoring, Research, and Ecological Effects - by Jun She


Chapter 24

Management of the Great Barrier Reef as a Large Marine Ecosystem - by Jon Brodie

Chapter 25

Borneo's Marine Ecosystem and the Greenhouse Risk Factor: A National Perspective - by Arbain Hj. Kadri, Mazlin B. Mokhtar, Almah Bt. Awaluddin, and Saleem Mustafa

Chapter 26

Large Marine Ecosystems: Assessment and Management - by Kenneth Sherman