Gulf of Mexico LMEThe Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem: Assessment, Sustainability, and Management

Ed. by Herb Kumpf, Karen Steidinger, and Kenneth Sherman

Published by Blackwell Science, Inc. Malden, MA, USA.






I. Ecosystem-Level Assessment and Sustainability of Natural Resources

Chapter 1

Gulf of Mexico Program: Partnership with a Purpose - by J. D. Giattina and D. T. Altsman

Chapter 2

Economic Significance of the Gulf of Mexico Related to Population, Income, Employment, Minerals, Fisheries, and Shipping - by J. C. Cato and C. M. Adams

Chapter 3

Modular Approach to the Monitoring and Assessment of Large Marine Ecosystems - by K. Sherman

Chapter 4

Inputs and Outputs of the Gulf of Mexico - by R. E. Turner

II. Physical and Biological Characteristics of the Gulf

Chapter 5

Physical Oceanography of the Gulf of Mexico: Processes that Regulate its Biology - by W. J. Wiseman, Jr. and W. Sturges

Chapter 6

Outer Shelf and Slope Geology of the Gulf of Mexico: An Overview - by H. H. Roberts, R. A. McBride, and J. M. Coleman

Chapter 7

Characteristics of Marine Meteorology and Climatology in the Gulf of Mexico - by S. A. Hsu

Chapter 8

An Overview of the Marine Chemistry of the Gulf of Mexico - by A. M. Shiller

III. Patterns of Productivity

Chapter 9

What Controls Primary Production in the Gulf of Mexico? - by S. E. Lohrenz, D. A. Wiesenburg, R. A. Arnone, and X. Chen

Chapter 10

Overview of Continental Shelf Benthic Communities of the Gulf of Mexico - by N. N. Rabalais, R. S. Carney, and E. G. Escobar-Briones

Chapter 11

Status of Exploited Fish Species in the Gulf of Mexico - by R. L. Shipp

Chapter 12

Shrimp Fisheries in the South Gulf of Mexico: Present and Future Management Alternatives - by A. Gracia and A. R. Vázquez-Bader

Chapter 13

Stock-Recruitment Relationships: A Scientific Challenge to Support Fisheries Management in the Campeche Bank, Mexico - by F. Arreguín-Sánchez, J. A. Sánchez, D. Flores-Hernández, J. Ramos-Miranda, P. Sánchez-Gil, and A. Yánez-Arancibia

Chapter 14

Distribution and Relative Abundance of Pelagic Seabirds of the Northern Gulf of Mexico - by D. E. Peake

Chapter 15

Status of Sea Turtle Stocks in the Gulf of Mexico with Emphasis on the Kemp's Ridley - by A. M. Landry, Jr. and D. Costa

Chapter 16

Marine Mammals of the Northern Gulf of Mexico - by K. D. Mullin and L. J. Hansen

Chapter 17

Toward a Stratified Mass-Balance Model of Trophic Fluxes in the Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem - by D. Pauly, F. Arreguín-Sánchez, J. Browder, V. Christensen, S. Manickchand-Heilemann, E. Martinez, and L. Vidal

IV. Assessment of Ecologic Stresses on the Gulf Ecosystem

Chapter 18

Hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Linkages with the Mississippi River - by N. N. Rabalais, R. E. Turner, and W. J. Wiseman, Jr.

Chapter 19

Role of Nutrients in Regulating Plankton Blooms in Florida Bay - by C. R. Tomas, B. Bendis, and K. Johns

Chapter 20

Persistent Brown Tide Bloom in Laguna Madre, Texas - by T. E. Whitledge, D. A. Stockwell, E. J. Buskey, K. C. Dunton, G. J. Holt, S. A. Holt, and P. A. Montagna

Chapter 21

Comparison of Nutrient Loadings and Fluxes into the U.S. Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) with the Gulf of Mexico and Other LMEs - by N. A. Jaworski

Chapter 22

Oil Pollution in the Southern Gulf of Mexico - by G. Gold-Bouchot, O. Zapata-Pérez, E. Noreña-Barroso, M. Herrera-Rodríguez, V. Ceja-Moreno, and M. Zavala-Coral

V. Ecosystem Health

Chapter 23

What is a Healthy Ecosystem? - by R. Costanza and M. Mageau

Chapter 24

Using Legal Principles to Promote the "Health" of the Ecosystem - by M. H. Belsky

Chapter 25

A Pollution Monitoring Module for Assessing Changing States of Large Marine Ecosystems - by A. Robertson and J. Hameedi

Chapter 26

A Stress-Response Assessment of the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem - by S. H. Birkett and D. J. Rapport

Chapter 27

Large Marine Ecosystem Health and Human Health - by P. R. Epstein

Chapter 28

North Sea Ecosystem: Status Report - by P. C. Reid

Chapter 29

Application of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing for Detection and Monitoring of Marine Perturbations - by C. A. Friel

VI. Management and Governance

Chapter 30

Management of Large Marine Ecosystems: A Law of the Sea-Based Governance Regime - by L. M. Alexander

Chapter 31

Influence of Marine Perturbations on Marine Fisheries Stock Abundance - by P. J. Rubec

Chapter 32

Biomass, Yield Models, and Management Strategies for the Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem - by B. E. Brown, J. A. Browder, J. Powers, and C. D. Goodyear

Chapter 33

Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for Terminos Lagoon, Campeche, Mexico - by A. Yáñez-Arancibia, A.L. Lara-Domínguez, J.L. Rojas Galaviz, G.J. Villalobos Zapata, D.J. Zárate, and P. Sánchez-Gil

Chapter 34

Dune Vegetation and its Biodiversity Along the Gulf of Mexico, a Large Marine Ecosystem - by P. Moreno-Casasola

Chapter 35

Freshwater Introduction and Implications for Fisheries Production in Louisiana - by P. E. Bowman, W. S. Perret, and J. E. Roussel

Chapter 36

Linking Integrated Coastal Management with Large Marine Ecosystems Management - by S. Olsen

Chapter 37

Environmental Compliance and Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production - by D. Jin and T. A. Grigalunas

Chapter 38

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Ecosystem Approach to Trust Resource Management in Gulf of Mexico River Drainages - by D. J. Frugé

Chapter 39

National Estuary Program in the Gulf of Mexico - by W. B. Crum

Chapter 40

Florida's Ecosystem Management Initiatives - by P. McVety

Chapter 41

Role of the National Marine Fisheries Service in Natural Resource Management in the Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem; Andrew Kemmerer - by G. Cranmore, and A. Mager, Jr.

Chapter 42

What Do Ecosystem Management and the Current Budget Mean for Federally Supported Environmental Research? - by D. J. Baker