Benguela Current LMEBenguela: Predicting a Large Marine Ecosystem

Shannon, V., G. Hempel, P Melanotte-Rizzoli, C. Moloney and J. Woods, eds.

Elsevier Science







Part I: By Way of Introduction

Chapter 1

A plan comes together - by V. Shannon

Chapter 2

Forecasting within the context of large marine ecosystems programs - by K. Sherman

Chapter 3

The Global Ocean Observing System for Africa (GOOS-Africa) - by J. Ahanhanzo

Part II: Setting the Scene - Data, time series and models: what we think we know about variability in the Benguela and comparable systems

Chapter 4

Large-scale physical variability of the Benguela Current large marine ecosystem (BCLME) - by F.A. Shillington, CJC Reason, C.M. Duncombe Rae, P. Florenchie, and P. Benven

Chapter 5

Low oxygen water (LOW) variability in the Benguela System: Key Processes and forcing scales relevant to forecasting - by P.M.S. Monteiro and A.K van der Plas

Chapter 6

Variability of plankton with reference to fish variability in the Benguela Current large marine ecosystem-An overview - by L. Hutchings, H.M. Verheye, J.A. Huggett, H. Demarcq, r. Cloete, R.G. Barlow, D. Louw, A. da Silva

Chapter 7

The variability and potential for prediction of harmful algal blooms in the southern Benguela ecosystem - by G.C. Pitcher and S.J. Weeks

Chapter 8

Resource and ecosystem variability, including regime shifts, in the Benguela Current System - by C.D. van der Lingen, L.J. Shannon, P. Cury, A. Kreiner, C.L. Moloney, J-P Roux and F.Vaz-Velho

Chapter 9

Variability and change in comparable systems-Lessons learned - by P. Fréon, J. Alheit, E.D. Barton, S. Kifani, P. Marchesiello

Part III. Forecasting in the Benguela: Our collective wisdom

Chapter 10

Influences of large scale climate modes and Agulhas System variability on the BCLME region - by C.J.C. Reason, P. Florenchie, M. Rouault, J. Veitch

Chapter 11

Developing a basis for detecting and predicting long-term ecosystem changes - by A. Jarre, C.L. Moloney, L.J. Shannon, P. Fréon, C.D. van der Lingen, H..M. Verheye, L. Hutchings, J.-P. Roux, P. Cury

Chapter 12

The requirements for forecasting harmful algal blooms - by Bernard

Chapter 13

Low Oxygen Water (LOW) forcing scales amenable to forecasting in the Benguela ecosystem - by Monteiro, P.M.S., van der Plas, A.K., Bailey, G.W., Mallanote - Rizzoli, P., Duncombe Rae, C.M., Byrnes, D., Pitcher, G., Florenchie, P., Penven, P2, Fitzpatrick, J., Lass, H.U.

Part IV TheWay Ahead

Chapter 14

Forecasting shelf processes of relevance to living marine resources in the BCLME - by CD van der Lingen, P. Fréon, L. Hutchings, C. Roy, G. Bailey, C. Bartholomae, A.C. Cockcroft, J.G. Field, K.R. Peard, and A. van der Plas

Chapter 15

Environmental requirements of maritime operations in the Benguela coastal ocean - by M. Grundlingh, P. Morant,

R. van Ballegooyen, A. Badenhorst, E. Gomes, L. Greyling, J. Guddal, I. Hunter, D. Japp, L. Maartens, K. Peard, G. Smith, C. Wainman

Chapter 16

Towards a future integrated forecasting system - by G. Bundrit et al.

Chapter 17

Forecasting a Large Marine Ecosystem - by J. Woods