Toward Recovery ans SustainabilityToward Recovery and Sustainability of the World's LMEs During Climate Change

Sherman, K. and G. McGovern. 2011.
IUCN, Gland, Switzerland: (i + 19 pages)






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Chapter 1

Sustainable Development of LMEs During Climate Change

Chapter 2
LMEs Are Highly Productive

Chapter 3
Ecosystem-Based Management

Chapter 4
Global Temperatures on the Rise

Chapter 5
Warming Trends

Chapter 6
Fisheries' Biomass Yields Shift

Chapter 7
Primary Production Changes

Chapter 8
Sustaining Fisheries' Yields

Chapter 9
LME Governance

Chapter 10
Managing the Yellow Sea LME

Chapter 11
New Multi-Trophic Mariculture

Chapter 12
Carrying Capacity of the YSLME

Chapter 13
Sustainable Development of LMEs