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PAHO Executive Directors
Contact Director Mirta Roses Periago

As a Director it is very important to me hear from the people of every country in the Americas, I invite you to share your thoughts, concerns, and achievements in health with me, that will be grateful appreciated.

The Pan American Health Organization has offices in most of the countries of the Region, and it is important to know that all the requests should be processed through the PAHO/WHO Representative in the country's office, who have the knowledge in order to suggest the Director the actions of her competence, as well as respond to requests that are within its reach.

Addresses and contact information of the Pan American Health Organization Offices located throughout the Americas and the Headquarter in Washington, DC, are listed below.

You can also be in contact with me through my BLOG, and participate in the debate and comments about important health issues in the hemisphere.

Mirta Roses Periago

Director's Office, Washington, D.C., HQ

HQ Office

Dr. Mirta Roses Periago
Pan American Health Organization
Pan American Sanitary Bureau
Regional Office of the World Health Organization

525 23rd Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20037

Phone: 1 (202) 974-3000
Fax: 1 (202) 974-3663

Director's Office Staff
Mirta Roses. DIRECTOR (D).
Catherine Cocco. Chief of Staff (COS). Executive Management Chief.

Patricia Schroeder. Program Officer. Executive Management Secretary.
Katia Diaz. Technical Officer, Web & Information Systems.
Agustin Castro. Technical Officer, Communication & Press.

Consuelo Tonato. Director's Executive Secretary (D).
Connie Pearlstein. Chief of Staff's Assistant (COS).
Oscar Chavez. Office's Assistant (D/COS).
Country Offices
country offices