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PAHO and Caribbean countries working to strengthen subregional cooperation strategies
Kingston, Jamaica. 12-16 April, 2010.- As part of an official visit to this country, which coincided with the holding of the Caribbean Sub-regional Managers’ Meeting, PAHO Director Dr. Mirta Roses Periago met with Jamaica’s Prime Minister, the Honorable Bruce Golding, at Jamaica House.
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Women in Politics
Public health is a powerful tool to build a safer and durable world for all. "That is why I have devoted my entire career to public health; that is why pursuing a career in global health is so rich in personal fulfillment in spite of the occasional disappointments and all the limitations to be found; that is why more attention should be given to it both in policy and in politics." [ Director's Speech at Georgetown University, WDC. ]

AMRO-AFRO Areas of Collaboration
Washington, DC. February 24, 2010.- World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Directors for Africa (AFRO) and for the Americas (AMRO) met to discuss areas of collaboration between the two regional WHO offices. In recent years, PAHO and AFRO have worked together in important areas which include health systems strengthening, human resources for health, and vaccine-preventable diseases. The African Health Observatory/ Core health data initiative, Virtual Health Campus, and HIV/AIDS will be other important areas of collaboration.
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Dr. Sambo, AFRO Regional Director presentation at AMRO »

The impact of the crisis on a key social sector, HEALTH: new lines of action
New York. February 22, 2010.- Dr. Mirta Roses' presentation at the III Strategic Social Thinking Forum of Latin America, under the subject: "Toward an integrated and inclusive development in Latin America and the Caribbean." [only Spanish version available]
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Special Report on PAHO's response to the Earthquake in HAITI
Washington DC. January 19, 2010.- Briefing by Dr. Mirta Roses, PAHO Director and Director of the WHO Regional Office for the Americas, to the Executive Board of the World Health Organization. Dr. Roses reported on the Pan American Health Organization's response to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti after the January 12 earthquake. PAHO leads the U.N. Health Cluster.
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Director's Newsletter Issue 2 - Haiti Special Edition

PAHO/WHO Coordinating Regional Efforts to Assist Haiti after Earthquake
Washington, DC. January 14, 2010.- The Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) is coordinating the mobilization of efforts to help health authorities in Haiti meet the basic health needs of their people in the aftermath of Tuesday's earthquake, through its country offices. All the countries in the Region have responded with great solidarity.
Read more: Director's Newsletter Special Edition - Haiti

Fostering Cooperation in Health
Washington, D.C. PAHO HQ. December 16, 2009.- "Public health is way more than a job for us: it is a passion, a heartfelt commitment, our whole life. We keep good company because, fortunately, it is that way not only for us but also for millions of people worldwide. Public health is a sort of a network of networks, where a broad and multifaceted umbrella which protects the well-being of humanity is held up every day by a myriad of individual's actions."
Welcoming remarks by Dr. Mirta Roses-Periago, Director of the Pan American Health Organization on the occasion of the South-South Development Solutions Forum on Global Health as part of the Global South-South Development Expo at PAHO HQ in Washington DC.
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Washington, D.C. 49th Directing Council. October 1, 2009.- Important dialogue between Ministers of Health of the Americas during the celebration of the 49º.Directing council of PAHO analyzes the impact of the world economic crisis for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, the most ambitious endeavor ever pursued against poverty, where the principles of equity, solidarity and the right to the highest attainable health are the core values of the PHC approach; while its guiding principles are the responsiveness to people's health needs, social justice, quality-oriented services, government accountability, sustainability, participation and intersectoriality.
Director's Newsletter

Inter-American Mission to Haiti assess the impact of the cooperation programs to support the socioeconomic development and political stability
Haiti. September 3-6, 2009.- PAHO Director on official visit as part of a high level Inter-American mission to Haiti to assess the impact of the cooperation programs by the international community on the process of development in Haiti, notably in Gonaives, Jacmel and Cité Soleil.
The high-level mission was comprise of Representatives of Member States, including the Chair of the OAS Permanent Council, OAS authorities and senior officials of PAHO, IDB, IICA and the PADF. This mission follows mandates emanated from the 5th Summit of America and the Resolution 2487 of the General meeting of OEA in support to socioeconomic development and to political stability of Haiti, particularly. This resolution asks the international partners of Haiti to continue coordinating their actions with the Haitian Government with the aim of getting better results at local level.
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L’OEA sur le terrain pour évaluer les progrès accomplis [UNMINUSTAH French version]

Caribbean Wellness Day 2009
Caribbean Countries Celebrate Healthy Lifestyles. On the week of 7-12 September, Caribbean countries will celebrate Caribbean Wellness Day 2009. CWD was launched in 2008 as a response to concerns about the physical, economic and social burdens caused by lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, and cancer. Among the activities this year are a lifestyle management seminar, a soca-erobathon, walks, health checks and healthy cooking demonstrations.
A message from PAHO Director

Welcoming Remarks of Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, PAHO's Director, to the Regional Advisory Committee On Health Statistics (CRAES)
The PAHO’s Advisory Committee on Health Statistics (CRAES) meeting took place in the Pan American Health Organization headquarters in Washington, DC on August 11-13, 2009. The Committee meets periodically to analyze the status of health statistics in the Region of the Americas while promoting improvements in the coverage and the quality of vital and other statistics of interest to the health sector.
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PAHO, Humanitarian Clowns and Health Experts Join Forces, Using Art as a Bridge to Health and Development
Washington, D.C. - From 4 to 16 August, art becomes a bridge to health access for thousands of people in a remote and vulnerable community in Peru with the arrival of some 100 humanitarian clowns and international public health experts from 12 countries, as part of the Pan American Health Organization’s Faces, Voices and Places Initiative for the Millennium Development Goals.
PAHO VIDEO »Arte, Puente para la Salud (in Spanish)
Art and Health: together in the Belén Festival
PAHO Director, health promoters and humanitarian clowns will join Belén Festival in Peru
Humanitarian Clowns and Health Experts Join Forces, Using Art as a Bridge to Health and Development

Influenza A (H1N1): Lessons Learned and Preparing for the Future
High-level Meeting on Influenza A (H1N1). Mexico. 3 July 2009.- Director's closing remarks - 'I believe that we are reaping the fruits of years of planning and preparation, which have been very important and, since 2007, have put most of the countries on a rather similar and equitable plane in terms of their ability to participate and implement the International Health Regulations' ... 'this is the real political challenge, always bearing in mind the fundamental principles of protecting the population, solidarity, and equity, and above all trust among peoples and among authorities'.
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UN RDT/RDG: UN Regional Directors Group (RDG) Meeting
Panama. 29-30 June, 2009.- The Regional Directors Group (RDG) of UNAIDS Cosponsors in Latin America and the Caribbean had a very successful meeting in Panama this week, the last meeting under PAHO's chairmanship.
Dr. Mirta Roses, PAHO Director who delivered the opening remarks expressed that this gathering is a good time to measure progress made over the last year and propose some critical lines of action for the next joint RDG work plan 2010-2011.
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Memorandum of Understanding between the Alliance for Rabies Control and the Pan American Health Organization
Washington, D.C. PAHO HQ. 24 June 2009.- Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, PAHO Director signed a memorandum of understanding between PAHO/WHO and the Alliance for Rabies Control (ARC), through their Executive Director, Deborah J Briggs; which outline their plan for cooperative activities to promote rabies prevention, surveillance, control and elimination.
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PAHO, PAHEF AND GLOBAL BUSINESS FORUM luncheon discussion meeting
Washington, D.C. The Georgetown Club. June 16, 2009.- "Opportunities for Public Private Partnerships to Address the Challenges of Health in the Americas"
PAHO, PAHEF and the Global Business Forum(GBF) met to review important areas of cooperation in this the four year of PAHO/GBF interchange.
After introductions by PAHO Director on the general health situation in the region, the group established a dialogue around PAHO's priorities, and its efforts to work with the private sector and other constituencies as part of the multi partner approach.
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HUMAN SECURITY: A Public Health Perspective
El Paso, Texas, USA. June 5, 2009.- Dr. Mirta Roses' presentation at the LXVII Annual Meeting USMBHA /AFMES (Human Security: A New Border Response).
Human security means protecting the vital freedoms. It means protecting the people exposition to threats and to certain situations, strengthening its strength and aspirations. It also means creating systems that facilitate for people the basic elements of survival, dignity, and life.
The threats to the safety of the people in general, to women, to communities, to the ethnic groups, were not sufficiently assessed as potential threats to the safety in general, neither the poverty, the spread of diseases, the destruction of the environment, the lack of access to water, the maternal health, the not to have a permanent work. Until the end of the cold war the states and governments, had not considered priority the daily insecurities that have to support common people, because the greatest threats were seen outside the borders within the framework of the confrontation among the large potencies.
Hunan security means the equitable access to education, work, and health, as well as the respect of the human rights, as essential components of the security, this without denying the obligation of guaranteeing national security by of the governments.
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Public Health Emergency of International Concern
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Regional Office for the Americas (AMRO) of the World Health Organization (WHO) coordinating the actions with the health authorities and governments of the Region in order to preserve the health, our most basic asset.
Director Office's Newsletters
Issue No. 10 - May 20, 2009
Issue No. 08 - April 29, 2009
Issue No. 07 - April 27, 2009

A H1N1 - An Outbreak Timeline
Science Magazine. 8 May 2009.- "I'm amazed at the capacity we have with the information and communication technologies," says epidemiologist Mirta Roses Periago, head of the Pan American Health Organization. "We used to do things with our hands and smelling and looking at the patients." During the past few weeks, she notes, scientists have rapidly shared sequences of the viruses, digital images of patient x-rays, and electron micrographs of the new H1N1.
"At this point in history, this is the best surveillance we've ever had," said Keiji Fukuda, one of WHO's assistant director generals.
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Seventh Vaccination Week in the Americas
April 25, 2009 - May 02, 2009.- Vaccination Week in the Americas is an unparalleled effort led by the member countries of the Pan American Health Organization to vaccinate millions of people. In 2009, the seventh Vaccination Week in the Americas will happen between the 25th of April and May 2nd. This year, Vaccination Week will emphasize vaccination of the whole family, and the immunization of health workers.
A Message from PAHO Director »
Massive Multi-Country Drive Aims to Vaccinate 30 Million People [PAHO Press Release]

PAHO Director at the 5th Summit of the Americas
Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. 17 - 19 April 2009.- The Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. Mirta Roses, attended the meeting as the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau of the Organization of American States (OAS), health agency of the Inter-American System with more than 100 years of existence, which is the world's oldest health organization. During the meeting, the Director of PAHO had the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss important topics with leaders of the governments of the region, related to the public health organization that she leads.
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Securing Our Citizens’ Future by Promoting Human Prosperity, Energy Security and Environmental Sustainability

PAHO Subregional Managers' Meeting for the Caribbean
Bahamas. 14-17 April, 2009.- PAHO Managers from the Caribbean region met to strengthen coordination among Country Offices (COs), the Subregional Office, Centers and Programs, and the regional entities, with emphasis on country focus and subregional technical cooperation processes; to better understanding of the national health situation and the technical cooperation program for and with The Bahamas. Participants updated on the economic crisis and its impact on the health sector analyzed and on subregional integration, subregional initiatives and relevant technical topics.
Dr. Roses, PAHO's Director chaired the meeting and took the opportunity to meet with the national health authorities at Bahamas to review relevant health issues of common interest.
Bahamas Media Release »
More on SRMM Bahamas » [Intranet Access only]
Director's Newsletter

Report - State of the Region 2008 - for Central America and Dominican Republic
Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. Febrero 19, 2009.- Central America needs national and regional innovative responses. Despite profound changes in the last 20 years CENTRAL AMERICA faces today a new and more complex international situation.

[only in Spanish]
Más información »
"Informe Estado de la Región (2008)"
Estado de la Nación_Website
Presentación del Sr. Miguel Gutiérrez

Improving Public Health by addressing the SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH
Asuncion, Paraguay. 16 February 2009.- SRMM-Subregional Managers' Meeting Andean Region and Southern Cone.
Director's Interview with IP Paraguay (Secretariat of Information and Communication for Development) during her official visit to Paraguay to participate in the PAHO's SRMM.
[only Spanish version] "... la formulación de políticas públicas que aborden el peso de los determinantes sociales para reducir las desigualdades que se encuentran en los resultados de salud de la población y también de manera importante en cómo llevar a que la salud esté integrada en todas las políticas públicas (de empleo, de inversión en infraestructura, en alfabetización universal, etc.) de modo que se pueda trabajar de manera concertada y teniendo en cuenta que el objetivo final es la calidad de vida de la población ... "
Entrevista/Interview »

PRIMARY HEALTH CARE is the solution to key health problems facing our communities today
Asuncion, Paraguay. 12 February 2009.- PAHO's Director during an exchange that she held with representatives of different community organizations of the Central department in Paraguay that stated their experiences concerning the shares carried out to promote a healthier space; during the Subregional Managers' Meeting of the Andean area and Southern Cone of PAHO. [PDF Only in Spanish version]
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PAHO promotes behavior change to combat DENGUE in the Region
Asuncion, Paraguay. 10 February 2009.- PAHO Director at a press conference during the PAHO Subregional Managers' Meeting of Southern Cone and Andean (SRMM).
[only in Spanish] “Creo que tenemos el conocimiento y la estrategia que funciona, pero todavía nos falta ese cambio de comportamiento. Tenemos que encontrar los caminos para hacer que la gente no entre en pánico ni alarma, ni trate de buscar al culpable afuera porque definitivamente el culpable está dentro, muchas veces, dentro de las casas”, sostuvo.
Director's Newsletter - SRMM
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International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) to replace United Nations System Accounting Standards (UNSAS) as approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations
Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. September 9, 2008.- " ... This is a Corporate Initiative for PAHO - IPSAS supports and enhances objectives of Results Based Management. Furthermore, it ensures transparency in financial budgeting, accounting and reporting, and provides opportunities for comparability among and between international organizations ..."
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PAHO address the critical issue of how to support women in the health sciences in Latin America
Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. September 3, 2008.- " ... I am delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you all here to think with us on how best to help the women whose scientific efforts provides an underpinning of all that we do ... women in Latin America do not enjoy the same social status as men. Gender equality is a goal yet to be achieved ... the current trend of the rates of HIV infections in women and girls across Latin America, particularly in Caribbean countries, is alarming, Women aged between 15 and 24 account for 45 percent of all HIV infections among adults globally ... I challenge you to think with us on how we could adapt the capacity building program for women researchers and use it to empower women working on AIDS, and women working on environmental health issues so they can take their place among the thinkers and change agents for a healthier world ..."
Director's opening speech » at the meeting of Women Experts on HIV and Environmental Health Research.

Towards Elimination of Vertical Transmission of HIV and Syphilis as a public health problem in the Caribbean
Mexico City. August 3-8, 2008.- " ... The satellite session held on Sunday regarding achievement of Universal Access in the Caribbean and current realities clearly highlighted the potential of the region to make rapid progress towards the Universal Access goal. On the other hand, the need to ensure comprehensive quality care to pregnant women and their infants to sustain achievements on prevention of vertical transmission of HIV was identified as a must."
Dr. Roses address as keynote speaker » at the XVII International AIDS Conference, AIDS 2008.

PAHO Director co-chair an special session on HIV/AIDS for the Latin America region at AIDS 2008
Mexico City. August 3-8, 2008. XVII International AIDS Conference, AIDS 2008.- PAHO Director co-chair the special session on HIV for Latin America region with Carlos Passarelli, Deputy Director of the Brazilian National AIDS Programme and Director of the International Center for Technical Cooperation on HIV/AIDS. The session focused the discussion about the actions taken in the Latin American region since the FORO and CONCASIDA 2007 and what has to be done to establish formal links between regional conferences and International AIDS conferences.
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Pan American Alliance for Nutrition and Development
Washington, D.C. Julio 25, 2008.- Top United Nations experts on Latin America and the Caribbean agreed on the establishment of the Pan American Alliance for Nutrition and Development.
PAHO Director Roses noted that, despite overall improvements in nutritional status at the aggregate level in Latin America and the Caribbean, 52 million people in the region are still undernourished, and 9 million children under 5 are chronically malnourished. The Pan American Alliance for Nutrition and Development would promote better nutrition not just through food production and distribution but with a broad range of actions, ranging from safer cooking stoves and safe water to urban agriculture and sustainable use of natural resources.
PAHO Press Release: U.N. Experts Warn on New Threats to MDG Progress in Latin America and the Caribbean
[Spanish version: Director's Presentation
Director's Newsletter

PAHO became the new chair of the UNAIDS Regional Directors Group (RDG).
The Regional Directors Group of UNAIDS Cosponsors in Latin America and the Caribbean had a very successful biannual meeting at PAHO Headquarters on July 25, 2008. The RDG, as it is commonly called, adopted several policies to guide and strengthen the UN joint action against HIV/AIDS at country level.
Among these was a policy adapting the Division of Labor to better take into account the mandates and strengths of each of the UNAIDS cosponsors in Latin America and the Caribbean.
PAHO became the new Chair of the RDG for the 2008/2009 period, a role it played when the RDG was founded in 2003. UNICEF becomes the new Vice-Chair.

Safe Surgery Saves Lives: a Pan-American Perspective
Washington, D.C. 25 June 2008.- 'PAHO participation on "Safe Surgery Saves Lives" is an important step to bring forward the patient safety agenda in the Americas'.
Dr. Mirta Roses, PAHO Director welcoming remarks at the Second Global Patient Safety Challenge: "SAFE SURGERY SAVES LIVES INITIATIVE".
See also: Director's Newsletter
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Director's Presentation to the OAS Permanent Council
Washington, D.C. June 19, 2008.- Briefing Session to the Permanent Ambassadors to the Organization of American States and others Estate Member’s Ambassadors.
142nd Session of the Executive Committee Opens with Important Goals for the Health of the Peoples of the Americas

Primary Health Care: A New Vision for the Fourth Decade
Washington, D.C. May 30, 2008.- Director's speech at the special session on Primary Health Care at the Global Health Council Annual Conference 2008.
2008 mark the 30th anniversary of the Alma Ata Declaration. The principles of equitable access to affordable health care, using primary health care (PHC) as the tool to turn these principles into practice, remain as valid today as they did in 1978.
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Primary Health Care for the New Century
Geneva Health Forum 2008. 25 May 2008.- 'In the spirit of this Forum, and to successfully address the health determinants and affirm the right to health, I invite you to join me in building a multi-stakeholder coalition of interested parties, to ensure that a health system based on Primary Health Care represents a feasible and politically appealing policy option.' Speech delivered by Dr. Roses, PAHO's Director in the opening ceremony of the Health Forum 2008 that took place during the celebration of the 61st World Health Assembly.
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Global Health and the United Nations. Dr. Mirta Roses, Director of PAHO, attended a United Nations Secretary-General meeting
Atlanta, Georgia. May 8-9, 2008. Carter Center.- United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon met with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and about 40 global health leaders at the Carter Center to focus world attention on maternal health care.
At the Carter Center, health leaders discussed the United Nations Millennium Development Goals - eight goals to be reached worldwide by 2015.
Main messages from the meeting focuses on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as the best framework around which we can all rally to improve global health.
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2008 World Day for Safety and Health at Work
Washington, D.C. May 1st., 2008.- Director's closing remarks at PAHO HQ Ceremony.
'Since the launch of the PAHO Workers' Health Regional Plan of Action in 1999, several milestones have been attained to help improve the lives and well-being of million of workers, their families, and communities in the Americas. Over the years, there has been an increase in awareness of the role and influence of our environment and workplace environment on our health. This has been possible through the advocacy and work of local, national, and international leaders in the field of occupational and environmental health. This day provides us with an opportunity to recognize the commitment of the global community that works towards a common goal: improving the health and safety of workers.'
Director's closing remarks »
Director's Newslettter - 2008 World Day for Safety and Health at Work »

Venezuela carries out with universal standards on vaccination
Venezuela has achieved to carry out with the universal standards on vaccination, ratified the director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Mirta Roses.
The maximum health authority of the continent expressed that the coverage reached by Venezuela show that there is a great sense of organization and coordination for the work, not only with the campaign against rubella but also what is being fulfilled with the Vaccination Week in the Americas.
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PAHO and UNICEF Working Together to support LAC Countries
PAHO Press Release. Washington, D.C., April 25, 2008.- Top officials and technical experts from UNICEF visited the Pan American Health Organization to discuss areas of joint collaboration including water and sanitation, nutrition, social support for mothers and children, work in health emergencies and risk communications focusing on pregnant women, children and adolescents.
Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, Director of PAHO and Dr. Nils Kastberg, Director of the UNICEF Regional Office shared the moral imperatives of helping excluded populations to address the unfinished agenda and accelerate progress toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
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OPS XXI en acción. Dr. Mirta Roses' presentation at the opening of the meeting. [Spanish version]
PAHO - UNICEF: Comprometidos por la Salud
Poem written by Dr. Nils Kastberg, UNICEF's Director on the occasion of Dr. Roses inauguration ceremony on February 1st, 2008. [Spanish version]

Director of the Pan American Health Organization opens the first Latin American Conference in Research and Innovation for Health
Global Forum for Health Research. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 15 - 18 April 2008.- In her visit to Brazil, Dr. Mirta Roses fulfilled an extensive agenda, she also accompanied the visit to PANAFTOSA of Dr. Luis Sambo, WHO's Regional Director for Africa, which reflects the history of joint effort from the organizations, and represents an important exchange for the information systems and basic data in Health.
See also: 2o. Congresso da Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa (CPLP) sobre DST-AIDS. Mesa coordenada pela Diretora da Organização Pan-Americana da Saúde (Opas), Mirta Roses Periago.
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PAHO Director at the launching of the VI Vaccination Week in the Americas
April 19-26, 2008.- Vaccination Week in the Americas 2008. Pictures from the launching event.

PAHO working to improve public health, equity, and health systems at the 42nd Session of the Advisory Committee on Health Research (ACHR/CAIS)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 13 - 15 April 2008.- Dr. Mirta Roses, PASB Director, convened the 42nd Session of the Advisory Committee on Health Research (ACHR) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 13-15 April, 2007.
Although research has been always present in PAHO's activities, this is the first time that the Organization is developing an explicit policy for consultation with member states, to guide its research activities in keeping with international mandates that underline the key role of research in attaining the Millenium Development Goals and in improving public health, equity, and health systems.
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PAHO Director presents the award Champion of Health to Fundación Selva Negra
Washington, D.C., 7 de April del 2008.- The PAHO designation honors Selva Negra's efforts in environmental conservation and social development, causes that are being promoted as part of the 2008 World Health Day campaign, "Protecting Health from Climate Change."
PAHO Press Release

OUR Planet, OUR Health, OUR Future - They are in OUR Hands.
Washington, D.C. PAHO HQ. April 7, 2008.- "...We need a comprehensive Framework for Action to properly address climate change and its impact on health: addressing Evidence, implementing Adaptation mechanisms in the health sector, and providing Leadership..."
Celebrating World Health Day 2008 at PAHO
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PAHO Walk for Health 2008
Washington, D.C. April 5, 2008.- Successful Walk for Health Event at PAHO HQ. More than 150 staff members and their families joined this saturday walking for health to celebrate World Health Day 2008.
Pictures from the Walk

WHO Global Policy Group (OMS GPG)
Beijing, China, 26-28 March 2008.- WHO Senior policy-makers meeting.
WHO Director General and Regional Directors met in China in a Global Policy Group Retreat to discuss about WHO main policy issues.
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Building concrete, viable outputs and constructive proposals for injury prevention and safety promotion
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. March 15, 2008.- We need to target the causes and risk factors for violence and traffic injuries. Director's Speech at the inauguration ceremony at the 9th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion.
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Globalization and injuries in the context of the Americas
Merida. Mexico. Marzo 15, 2008.- Director's presentation during the celebration of the 9th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion at the panel "Globalization and Injury", which had the participation of many ministers of health from the Americas.
Presentation »

See also: Declaracíón Ministerial sobre Prevención de Violencia y Lesiones en las Américas [Spanish version]

Report of the Panamerican Health Organization to the permanent council of the OAS
Washington, D.C. March 12, 2008.- Dr. Roses delivered her presentation to OAS Permanent Council, briefing the PAHO health achievements and challenges from the last 5 years as an specialized health agency from the inter-american system.
Director's Presentation
Director's Speech Video [Spanish version]

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