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List of valid HELCOM Recommendations

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Title Number Adopted Supplemented
by rec.no
Development of national ability to respond to spillages of oil and other harmful substances 31/1 04.03.2010
Marine litter within the Baltic Sea region 29/2 05.03.2008
Reduction of Emissions from Crematoria 29/1 05.03.2008
Strengthening of sub-regional co-operation in response field 28E/12 15.11.2007
Further measures to improve the safety of navigation in ice conditions in the Baltic Sea 28E/11 15.11.2007
Application of the no-special fee system to ship-generated wastes and marine litter caught in fishing nets in the Baltic Sea area 28E/10 15.11.2007
On-site wastewater treatment of single family homes, small businesses and settlements up to 300 Person Equivalents (P.E.) 28E/6 15.11.2007
Municipal wastewater treatment 28E/5 15.11.2007
Environmentally friendly practices for the reduction and prevention of emissions of dioxins and other hazardous substances from small-scale combustion 28E/8 15.11.2007
Development of broad-scale marine spatial planning principles in the Baltic Sea area 28E/9 15.11.2007
Measures aimed at the substitution of polyphosphates (phosphorus) in detergents 28E/7 15.11.2007
Amendments to Annex III "Criteria and Measures Concerning the Prevention of Pollution from Land-Based Sources" of the 1992 Helsinki Convention 28E/4 15.11.2007
Introducing economic incentives as a complement to existing regulations to reduce emissions from ships 28E/13 15.11.2007
Development of harmonised principles for quantifying diffuse losses throughout the Baltic Sea catchment area 28E/14 15.11.2007
Recording of fuel oil bunkering operations in the Oil Record Book and documentation for the use of reception facilities 28/2 07.03.2007
Guidelines on bunkering operations and ship to ship cargo transfer of oils, subject to Annex I of MARPOL 73/78, in the Baltic Sea Area 28/3 07.03.2007
Conservation of seals in the Baltic Sea Area 27-28/2 08.07.2006
Limitation of emissions into atmosphere and discharges into water from incineration of waste 27/1 08.03.2006
Compilation of waterborne pollution load (PLC Water) 26/2 02.03.2005
Monitoring of radioactive substances 26/3 02.03.2005
Reduction of Emissions and Discharges from Industry by effective use of BAT 25/2 02.03.2004
Reduction of Nutrients and other Pollutants leaching from forestry land 25/3 02.03.2004
Assessment of the need for escort towing in tanker transport routes to prevent accidents in the Baltic Sea area 25/5 02.03.2004
Measures aimed at the reduction of discharges from Water and Marine Fish Farming 25/4 02.03.2004
Safety of winter navigation in the Baltic Sea Area 25/7 02.03.2004
Guidelines for the recommended minimum throughput of oil filtering-water separating equipment on board ships 25/6 02.03.2004
Elimintaion of PCBs aND PCTs 25/1 02.03.2004
Monitoring of airborne pollution load 24/1 25.06.2003
Measures aimed at the reduction of emissions and discharges from agriculture 24/3 25.06.2003
Reduction of Emissions and Discharges from the Iron Steel Industry 24/4 25.06.2003
Amendments to Annex IV “Prevention of pollution from ships” to the Helsinki Convention, concerning discharge of sewage 24/8 25.06.2003
Further development and use of Drift Forecasting for Oils and other Harmful Substances in the Baltic 24/7 25.06.2003
Ensuring adequate emergency capacity 24/9 25.06.2003
Implementation of Integrated Marine and Coastal Management of Human activities in the Baltic Sea Area 24/10 25.06.2003
Proper handling of Waste/Landfilling 24/5 25.06.2003
Batteries containing Mercury, Cadmium or Lead 24/2 25.06.2003
Reduction of discharges from oil refineries 23/8 06.03.2002
Reduction of emissions and discharges of mercury from chloralkali industry 23/6 06.03.2002
Reduction of discharges and emissions from the metal surface treatment 23/7 06.03.2002
Measures aimed at the reduction of mercury pollution resulting from light sources and electrical equipment 23/4 06.03.2002
Reduction of discharges from urban areas by the proper management of storm water systems 23/5 06.03.2002
Reduction of Discharges and emissions from production of textiles 23/12 06.03.2002
Requirements for discharging of waste water from the chemical industry 23/11 06.03.2002
Reduction of discharges and emissions from production and formulation of pesticides 23/10 06.03.2002
Restriction of atmospheric emissions and waste water discharges from hard coal cokeries 23/9 06.03.2002
Notification of Ship's wastes 23/1 06.03.2002
Enhancing the use of pilots in route T and the Sound by notification to departing ships and establishment of an early warning system 23/3 06.03.2002
Amendments to Annex IV "Prevention of pollution from ships" to the Helsinki Convention 22E/5 10.09.2001
Restricted use of Chemical agents and other Non-chemical means in oOil Combatting Operations on the Baltic Sea Area 22/2 21.03.2001
Unified interpretations to ensure a harmonized and effective implementation of the strategy for port reception facilities for ship-generated wastes and associated issues 22/3 21.03.2001
Installation of toilet retention Systems and standard connections for Sewage on board existing fishing vessels, working vessels and pleasure craft 22/1 21.03.2001 22/3
Protection of heavily endangered or immediately threatened Marine and Coastal Biotopes in the Baltic Sea Area 21/4 20.03.2000
Amendments to Annex III "Criteria and measures concerning the prevention of pollution from land-based sources" of the 1992 Helsinki Convention 21/1 20.03.2000
Amendments to Annex IV "Prevention of Pollution from Ships" of the 1992 Helsinki Convention 21/2 20.03.2000 22/3
Sustainable and Environmentally friendly tourism in the Coastal Zones of the Baltic Sea Area 21/3 20.03.2000
Approval of pesticides ("Plant protection products") for use in the catchment are of the Baltic Sea 20/2 23.03.1999
Minimum ability to respond to Oil spillages in Oil Terminals 20/5 23.03.1999
Antifouling paints containing organotin compounds 20/4 23.03.1999
Helcom objective with regard to hazardous substances 19/5 26.03.1998
Recommendation concerning the Manual for the Marine Monitoring in the Combine programme of HELCOM 19/3 26.03.1998
Protection and Improvement of the Wild Salmon (Salmo salar L.) poulations in the Baltic Sea Area 19/2 26.03.1998
Basic Principles of Ashore Handling of Ship-Generated Wastes 19/13 26.03.1998
A Harmonized System of Fines in Case a Ship Violates Anti-Pollution Regulations 19/14 26.03.1998
Application by the Baltic Sea States of Guidelines for Holding Tanks/Oily Water Separating of Filtering Equipment for Ships of less than 400 Tons Gross Tonnage 19/10 26.03.1998
Installation of the Garbage Retention Appliances and Toilet Retention Systems and Standard Connections for Sewage on Board Fishing Vessels, Working Vessels and Pleasure Craft 19/9 26.03.1998 22/1, 22/3
Waste Management Plans for Ports 19/12 26.03.1998 22/3
Co-operation in investigating violations or suspected violations of discharge and related regulations for ships, dumping and incineration regulations 19/16 24.03.1998
Minimum Requirements for Vessels Bound for or Leaving Ports of the Baltic Sea States and Carrying Dangerous or Polluting Goods 19/15 24.03.1998
Measures in order to Combat Pollution from Offshore Units 19/17 24.03.1998
Reporting on Incidents Involving Harmful Substances and Emegency Dumping 19/18 24.03.1998
Marine Sediment Extraction in the Baltic Sea Area 19/1 23.03.1998
Offshore Activities 18/2 12.03.1997
Managing Wetlands and Freshwater Ecosystems for Retention of Nutrients 18/4 11.03.1997
Reduction of Discharges from the Kraft Pulp Industry 17/8 13.03.1996
Reduction of Discharges from the Sulphite Pulp Industry 17/9 13.03.1996
Basic Principles for Realization of BAT and BEP in Food Industry 17/10 13.03.1996
Measures to Abate Pollution by Oil and other Harmful Substances in Cases of Grounding, Collision, Sinking of a Ship or other Maritime Casualty 17/12 13.03.1996
Reduction of Emissions from Transport Sector Affecting the Baltic Sea 17/1 13.03.1996
Reduction of Pollution from Discharges into Water, Emissions into the Atmosphere and Phosphogypsum out of the Production of Fertilizers 17/6 12.03.1996
Information and Consultation with Regard to Construction of New Installations Affecting the Baltic Sea 17/3 12.03.1996
Protection of Harbours Porpoise in the Baltic Sea Area 17/2 12.03.1996
Basic Principles in Waste Water Management in the Leather Industry 16/7 15.03.1995
Reduction of Emissions into the Atmosphere from the Pulp and Paper Industry 16/4 15.03.1995
Preservation of Natural Coastal Dynamics 16/3 15.03.1995
System of Coastal and Marine Baltic Sea Protected Areas (BSPA) 15/5 10.03.1994
Additional Maritime Safety and Pollution Prevention Measures in the Baltic Sea Area 15/4 09.03.1994
Protection of the Coastal Strip 15/1 08.03.1994
Limitation of Emissions to the Atmosphere and Discharges into Water from Glass Industry 14/3 03.02.1993
Guidelines for Provisions of Facilities for the Handling, Storage and Processing of Shipboard Garbage 14/7 03.02.1993
Definition of Best Environmental Practice 13/6 06.02.1992
Reduction of Ammonia Volatilization from Storages 13/7 06.02.1992
Disposal of Dredged Spoils 13/1 06.02.1992
Industrial Connections and Point Sources other than Household Connected to Municipal Sewerage Systems 13/2 05.02.1992
Procedures for Granting Permits for Monitoring and Research Activities in the Territorial Wates and Exclusive Economic Zones, Fishing Zones or Continental Shelves 12/1 21.02.1991
Special Cooperation in Case of a Chemical Tanker Accident in the Baltic Sea 12/7 20.02.1991 19/5
Development and use of Oil Drift Forecasting 12/6 20.02.1991
Definition of Best Available Technology 12/3 20.02.1991
Promotion of the Use of Safer Tankers While Carrying Oil 12/5 20.02.1991
Airborne Surveillance with Remote Sensing Equipment in the Baltic Sea Area 12/8 20.02.1991
Follow-Up Studies in Connection with Major Oil Spills 12/9 20.02.1991
National regulations on the discharge of sewage in national waters 11/9 14.02.1990 21/2
Guidelines for capacity calculation of sewage system on board passenger ships 11/10 14.02.1990
International Cooperation on Liability for Damage Resulting from Vessel-Based Pollution 10/11 15.02.1989 15/4, 17/12
Application by the Baltic Sea States of a Helsinki Convention Form for Reporting Alleged Inadequacy of Reception Facilities for Sewage 10/6 15.02.1989
Guidelines for the Establishment of Adequate Reception Facilities in Ports 10/5 15.02.1989 19/8
General Requirements for Reception of Wastes 10/7 15.02.1989 19/12
Assessments of the Effects of Pollution on the Coastal Areas of the Baltic Sea 10/2 14.02.1989
Abnormal Situations in the Marine Environment 10/1 14.02.1989
Recommendation Concerning Guidelines for the Establishment of National Counter Pollution Measures Regarding Pleasure Craft 9/11 16.02.1988 21/2, 22/1
Recommendation Concerning Reduction of Emissions of Lead from Combustion of Leaded Gasoline 9/4 15.02.1988 17/1
Recommendation Concerning Measures Aimed at the Reduction of Mercury Resulting from Dentistry 6/4 13.03.1985
Recommendation Concerning Amendment of Annex I of the Helsinki Convention 4/1 01.02.1983
Recommendation on the Acceptance by the Baltic Sea States of International Instruments on Maritime Safety, Pollution Prevention and Related Matters 2/2 17.02.1981
Recommendation Concerning the Application by the Baltic Sea States of Guidelines for Type Testing and Approval of Sewage Treatment Systems 1/5 05.05.1980