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Project for preparation of the Fifth Baltic Sea Pollution Load Compilation (PLC-5) (2005-2010)


HELCOM regularly produces a Pollution Load Compilation which assesses the data collected by the Contracting Parties on total waterborne loads of nutrients and some hazardous substances to the Baltic Sea.  The next compilation, PLC-5, will be based on data collected in the year 2006 and be published in a consistent and easily readable form which attracts scientists, administrators and the general public. Also a popular version summarizing the air and water borne loads to the Baltic Sea shall be produced based on the results of the project combined with the airborne pollution data.


This main objective of the PLC-5 report is to:

  • quantify and describe the waterborne discharges from point sources and losses from non-point pollution sources as well as the quantified natural background losses  into inland surface waters (source oriented approach) within the catchment area of the Baltic Sea;

  • quantify and describe the loads (from rivers, unmonitored and coastal areas as well as point sources) discharging directly to the Baltic Sea (load oriented approach);

  • evaluate changes in the pollution load since 1994;

  • explain to which extent changes are caused by human activi­ties or natural variations; and

  • overall evaluate the significance of various water protection measures applied in the Baltic Sea catchment area to reduce the pollution load from land-based sources.


The overall task of the Project is to draft a comprehensive assessment of the waterborne inputs to the Baltic Sea by updating the Fourth Pollution Load Compilation.  

The Fifth Pollution Load Compilation (PLC-5) project will be carried out in three consecutive stages:

  1. Finalization of the PLC-water Guidelines

  2. Data collection, submission and compilation

  3. Preparation of PLC-5 Report


Project Manager: Mr. Seppo Knuuttila
Finnish Environment Institute
P.O. Box 140
FI-00251 Helsinki
Tel: +358 9 4030 0232
E-mail: seppo.knuuttila@ymparisto.fi