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SPREP’s Programmes

The SPREP Secretariat takes a programme-based approach for its work that incorporates project-based operations into a broad agenda with clear strategic goals. Distinguishing features of an effective programme are:

  • broadly encompassing
  • allowing progress towards the mandate to be demonstrated
  • long time span – up to 10 years
  • flexible and dynamic
  • component-based yet can be implemented as a whole
  • allowing linkages and encouraging partnerships.

SPREP operates two programmes, Island Ecosystems and Pacific Futures.

Programme 1: Island Ecosystems

This Programme has the following goal:

Pacific islands countries and territories able to manage island resources and ocean ecosystems in a sustainable manner and that support life and livelihoods.

To do this, the Islands Ecosystems Programme focuses on sustainably managing and conserving the terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems of Pacific islands. It will work to conserve priority threatened species and to reduce the impact of alien, invasive species and living modified organisms. The capacities of the peoples of the islands to meet the challenges of sustaining the ecosystems that support them will be enhanced and supported. <more>

Programme 2: Pacific Futures

This Programme has the following goal:

Pacific island countries and territories able to plan and respond to threats and pressures on island and ocean systems.

To do this, the Pacific Futures Programme will support member countries and territories with sustainable development policies for improved environmental governance, which paves the way for implementation mechanisms and resources at the national and community level. The Programme will improve the means to monitor and report on environmental performance and socioeconomic pressures on the environment, as well as improve the understanding and strengthen the capacity of Pacific island countries and territories to respond to climate change, climate variability and sea level rise. Assisting and enhancing the island members’ capabilities to manage and respond to marine pollution, hazardous waste, solid waste, sewerage and other land-based sources of pollution will be essential components of the Programme, as will be providing tools to improve the means to respond to pressures, emerging threats and opportunities through integrated assessment and planning. <more>

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