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SPREP’s structure

People are the most important part of the Pacific Islands. The welfare of the people is a defining value that guides all of the work of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).

SPREP is a regional organisation established by the governments and administrations of the Pacific region to look after its environment. It has grown from a small programme attached to the South Pacific Commission (SPC) in the 1980s into the Pacific region’s major intergovernmental organisation charged with protecting and managing the environment and natural resources. It is based in Apia, Samoa, with over 70 staff.

The Pacific island governments and administrations saw the need for SPREP to serve as the conduit for concerted environmental action at the regional level. The establishment of SPREP also sends a clear signal to the global community of the deep commitment of the Pacific island governments and administrations towards sustainable development, especially in light of the outcomes of the World Summit on Sustainable Development in the form of the Plan of Implementation, the Millennium Development Goals and Declaration, the Barbados Plan of Action and Agenda 21.


SPREP’s mandate is to promote cooperation in the Pacific islands region and to provide assistance in order to protect and improve the environment and to ensure sustainable development for present and future generations.


SPREP's vision is that people of the Pacific islands are better able to plan, protect, manage and use their environment for sustainable development.


SPREP’s unique focus is to sustain the integrity of the ecosystems of the Pacific islands region to support life and livelihoods today and tomorrow.


SPREP has 21 Pacific island member countries and four countries with direct interests in the region.


SPREP operates two programmes: Island Ecosystems and Pacific Futures.

SPREP Staff list

SPREP staff are tabled according to their position within SPREP's existing administrative structure.


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