Frontline Observations Climate ChangeFrontline Observations on Climate Change and Sustainability of Large Marine Ecosystems

Kenneth Sherman and Galen McGovern eds.

2012 United Nations Development Programme






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Chapter 1

Global Environment Facility Strategy for Assessing and Managing Large Marine Ecosystems during Climate Change - by Andrew C. Hume and Alfred M. Duda

Chapter 2

Potential Effects of Climate Change and Environmental Variability on the Resources of the Benguela Current LME - by Ian Hampton and Nico Willemse

Chapter 3

Response of Epipelagic Species to Climate Change In the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem - by Birane Sambe

Chapter 4

Impact of Climate Change in the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem - by Stephen Maxwell Donkor and Jacques Abe

Chapter 5

Climate Change and Variability of the Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems in Relation to Socioeconomics and Governance - by David H. Vousden, James R. Stapley, Magnus A.K. Ngoile, Warwick H.H. Saurer and Lucy E.P. Scott

Chapter 6

Climate Change Effects in the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem - by Elayaperumal Vivekanandan, Rudolf Hermes, Chris O'Brien

Chapter 7

Sustainability of the Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem - by Rodolfo Serra, Michael Akester, Marilú Bouchón, and Mariano Gutierrez

Chapter 8

Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem: Resources at Risk from Climate Change - by Roberto Mendoza-Alfaro and Porfirio Álvarez-Torres

Chapter 9

Review of Climate Change Effects in the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem and Adaptive Actions in Ecosystem Based Management - by Qisheng Tang and Jianguang Fang

Chapter 10

Large Marine Ecosystems at Risk from Acidification during Climate Change - by James R.D. Oliver, Steve Widdicombe, and Dan Laffoley