Dynamic Library Database:

PERSGA Dynamic library database management system was designed and published on the internet in order to allow a large number of users on both regional and international level simple & easy access to the contents of PERSGA library .

Mission Statement

The Library will support the work of the Organization in its various aspects by providing access to information in different formats. With a regional vision it will serve and network with identified users in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden area. Within an international and regional perspective it will exchange information with other regional and international organizations


  • The library provides PERSGA staff with references, it supports their work by making information available and assisting in research.
  • Networking with regional and international libraries, organizations and other relevant entities.
  • Be a source of information about PERSGA and it’s activities.
  • Maintain an adequate collection of references .
  • Maintain the collection of PERSGA publications.
  • Carry out online services through the information@persga.organd through the PERSGA website www.persga.org.
  • Provide a documentation center for PERSGA’s work .


The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA) Headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



Habib Abdi Houssein




PERSGA library uses UNESCO’s CDS/ISIS software to manage it’s library collection. The software was provided to the Organization by UNESCO free of charge.

There are two main collections available:

The Library collection

  • The library collection contains publications (books, CD’s, reports, articles, videos, periodicals… etc) which have been acquired by PERSGA through external sources either bought or received from other organizations.
  • The documentation center collection
    The collection of the documentation center is formed of the reports and publications resulting from PERSGA’s work both on regional and national levels.


PERSGA library provides several services to its users. These services vary on regional and local levels.


The library holds the collection of PERSGA publications which are meant for distribution. This collection includes: reports, technical series, the PERSGA newsletter “Al-Sanbouk” and other outreach material

  • A collection of references relating to marine environment management issues are available at the library
  • Access to the library database, the internet and electronic production facilities are available for users
  • Photocopying facilities
  • Research assistance
  • Access to PERSGA GIS


Borrowing of library material is permitted only to staff members. However on site consultation of material, using electronic resources and photocopying facilities are available to all users.

Dissemination of information

  • The PERSGA library disseminates information about PERSGA by responding to queries and by networking with international and regional organizations.
  • The PERSGA library aims to provide information to staff and other users about environmental and developmental issues.
  • Regular production and dissemination of newsletters containing such information and internet links are produced and distributed on Regional level.