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ACOPS' Contribution to British Parliamentary Debates


ACOPS’ Chairman, Lord Hunt of Chesterton, participated in the following parliamentary debates:


  • House of Lords, Friday, 16th May 2003.


Russia (EUC Report): Remarks focused on the issue of environmental protection in the Russian Federation.   For full details click here



  • House of Lords, Wednesday, 21st May 2003.


Development of African Countries: Remarks focused on environmental issues and how they are being tackled by NEPAD and other supporting initiatives.  For full details click here



The following Parliamentary Questions were also raised:


  • House of Lords, Tuesday, 10th June 2003.


In the light of the achievement of the Lundy Fisheries No Take Zone, how widely they will apply the No Take Zone tool; what the legislative basis of the tool will be; and how they will support such initiatives of local communities in the future.



  • House of Lords, Tuesday, 3rd June 2003.


Given that the required legislation is not yet in place, what the calendar will be for the implementation of the recommendations of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development on Marine Protected Areas for the United Kingdom’s Exclusive Economic Zone.


  • House of Lords, Wednesday, 15th October 2003.


Debate on African Development Strategies:  Remarks on the sustainability of African initiatives, like NEPAD, due to impacts from developing countries.  For full details click here.







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