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 Russian NPA-Arctic

Background:  1993 to 1997


Elaboration of the Russian NPA-Arctic was catalyzed by early ACOPS activities in the CIS countries.  Beginning in the early 1990s, ACOPS launched a series of conferences on the state of the marine environment in CIS countries. The third of these conferences took place in July 1993 in Archangel, RF, and focused on the problems of Arctic sea. The fourth ACOPS conference in CIS countries was held in Moscow in 1994, where discussions from the previous year continued and led to the establishment of an ACOPS Russian Working Group for identification and assessment of land-based sources of marine degradation of the Arctic environment. Prof. Vitaly Lystsov of the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow was elected as Chairman of this Working Group.


The Fifth ACOPS conference in CIS countries was held in Saint Petersburg, January 1996, with broad participation of Russian Arctic specialists and international experts. A comprehensive review of the environmental situation in the Russian Arctic was presented. As a result of this conference, a small ACOPS working group was convened (Athens, March 1996) where it was decided to prepare a concept document for Russian NPA-Arctic.


In Moscow in October 1996 ACOPS organized a special Workshop on the implementation of the GPA. The Sixth ACOPS conference in CIS countries (Saint Petersburg, February 1997) developed an outline of the NPA-Arctic. Eight months later in Stockholm (November 1997), within the framework of the ACOPS working group an International Task Team (ITT) for the preparation of the National Program of Action for Protection of the Marine Environment from Anthropogenic Activities in the Arctic Region of the Russian Federation (NPA-Arctic) was formed.  Prof. V. Lystsov was nominated coordinator of the Team.


The framework of the NPA-Arctic was discussed at the ACOPS Conference on the Oceans Security in February 1998 in Stockholm. The third meeting of the ITT with participation of the Goskomsever of Russia (State Committee on the Affairs of the North, later replaced by  a Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation) took place in October 1998 in Moscow and its results were incorporated in the NPA-Arctic. This comprehensive process finally lead to the formulation of the proposal for a GEF PDF-B Project on the Russian Arctic “Support to NPA-Arctic”.




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