Affiliation to LOICZ brings the following ‘added value’ for affiliated projects:
  • Details of the project, its Principle Investigator (PI) and the contributing team can be made widely available through the LOICZ website
  • Outputs and outcomes of affiliated activities – journal articles, books and other reports – can be promoted through the LOICZ website and/or newsletter
  • Information about workshops, conferences, other meetings and news associated with affiliated projects can be advertised on the LOICZ website or in the LOICZ newsletter
  • LOICZ affiliated projects play a significant role in contributing to workshops, conferences and meetings organized by LOICZ providing the opportunity to work with other projects operating in similar fields and/or addressing similar issues
  • LOICZ welcomes ideas and suggestions from affiliated activities for workshops, other forms of meetings and other types of support
  • Affiliated projects receive the LOICZ newsletter as one source of information about LOICZ activities and work of other LOICZ researchers
  • LOICZ has access to a wide circle of information related to funding and the science community that is available through its database.