Affiliation criteria

LOICZ seeks to expand its network of scientists by affiliating research activities fitting its portfolio. To apply for endorsement by LOICZ and hence to receive the benefits associated with affiliation to LOICZ a completed from has to be submitted to the LOICZ IPO.

Activities that seek affiliation with LOICZ should address at least one of the Scientific Themes and/or Priority Topics.

If addressing a LOICZ Priority Topic, activities should provide one or more of the following:
  • Methodologies or models that allow data assimilation, processing and synthesis, including up and/or down scaling
  • Scenarios of change and/or response to change in socio-ecological systems
  • Scientific context for the evaluation of existing policies and structures
  • Globally applicable tools for scientific synthesis, decision support and structure development
  • Dissemination interfaces to provide information and assist sustainable coastal development on appropriate scales
Applications for LOICZ affiliated activities will be considered according to the following criteria:
  • Focus on the coast
  • High scientific quality
  • Multidisciplinary perspective
  • Global approach, or if the activity operates on a regional level a contribution relevant for a global approach or, if management oriented, on a relevant scale
Additionally, LOICZ affiliated activities are encouraged to foster one or more of the following:
  • Collaboration with other Earth Science System Partnership (ESSP) projects, especially with other Core Projects of IHDP and IGBP
  • Interdisciplinary projects and teams, taking natural and social science into account where appropriate
  • Synthesis and analysis of research outcomes already available
  • Dissemination and outreach that will improve public knowledge