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Annual Flood Report 2006

Mekong River Commission
Flood Management and Mitigation Programme

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  1. Introduction
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 Report Structure and Summary of Contents
  2. About Foods in the Mekong Basin
    2.1 Flood magnitudes on the Mekong in their global context
    2.2 The historical geography of floods on the Mekong mainstream
    2.3 The nature and analysis of floods on large rivers
    2.4 Temporal aspects of the Mekong flood regime
  3. The 2006 Flood Season
    3.1 Hydrological and meteorological aspects
    3.2 The 2006 flood season: conditions over the Cambodian floodplain and in the Delta in Viet Nam
  4. Cambodia 2006 Country Report
    4.1 General situation
    4.2 Lessons learnt from a field trip to Kampong Cham, Kratie and
    Stung Treng—24th to 26th October 2006
  5. Lao PDR 2006 Country Report
    5.1 General situation
    5.2 Flash flooding in Luang Namtha province
    5.3 Flash flooding in Attapeu province
    5.4 Damage and impacts
    5.5 Lessons learnt
  6. Thailand 2006 Country Report
    6.1 General situation
    6.2 Specific events
    6.3 Flash flooding in the Thai Mekong region and bordering provinces
    6.4 Damages and costs
  7. Viet Nam 2006 Country Report
    7.1 Conditions over the Se San and Sre Pok River basins
    7.2 Flooding in the Mekong Delta
    7.3 Flood damage
    7.4 Lessons learnt
  8. Summary Conclusions and Recommendations
    8.1 Summary conclusions
    8.2 Recommendations and lessons
  9. References

Appendix 1. Statistical Analysis of Annual Flood Risk on the Mainstream Mekong (pdf)

Appendix 2. Rating Equations and Flood Alarm Levels (pdf)

Appendix 3. Mekong Mainstream: Summary Hydrological Statistics for the 2006 Flood Season (pdf)

Appendix 4. Cambodia: 2006 Flood Loss and Damage Data (pdf)

Appendix 5. Extent of the 2006 Flood in the Great Lake/Tonle Sap System and in the Mekong Delta (pdf)

Appendix 6. Lao PDR: 2006 Flood Loss and Damage Data (pdf)

Appendix 7. Thailand: 2006 Flooded Districts and Estimated National Loss and Damage (pdf)

Appendix 8. Viet Nam: National Flood Warning and Alarm Levels and 2006 Flood Loss and Damage Data. (pdf)

Appendix 9. Largest meteorological floods for global river basins larger than half a million square kilometres (pdf)


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