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Sustainable Land Management

SPREP Working with partners to assist Pacific Island Countries address land degradation, mitigate the effects of drought and achieve Sustainable Land Management objectives.




The Pacific region may not have deserts, but many of the islands are undergoing various forms and extent of land degradation. Broadly defined, land degradation is any form of deterioration of the natural potential of land, which in turn leads to ecosystems and peoples livelihoods being affected. Changing weather patterns, increasing human populations and a host of other complex interactions between the socio-economic and bio-physical processes are giving rise to increasing rates of land degradation across the islands in the region and impacting on the proper functioning of ecosystems.

Pacific islanders depend a lot on their land and marine resources with many people still living in and relying on the rural subsistence economy. Due to the relatively small size of the islands, any disturbances to the land can also affect the surrounding marine environment and ultimately on livelihoods of families and communities. In other arid regions of the world land degradation and extended periods of drought usually give rise to desertification, or the creation of deserts. In the context of the tropical Pacific land degradation would be the appropriate concept and term to use.

Assistance for Countries in the area of Sustainable Land Management falls within the scope of work and mandate of the SPREP Secretariat and is closely linked to other areas of work within the SPREP Programme Strategy including, inter-alia; Climate Change, Pollution Prevention and Waste Management, Invasive Species and Terrestrial Conservation. The Secretariat is working closely with other partners at the national, regional and global level to assist countries build capacity for Sustainable Land Management. At the regional level SPREP is a Member of the Land Resources Working Group and is providing support for countries with the development of their National Action Plan to combat land degradation and in the design and implementation of the GEF-Sustainable Land Management Projects.

For more information on SPREP Secretariat's role with the above initiatives please contact Frank Wickham (HRD/Training Officer).

This Web-page and its related links Has been made possible with assistance from the GEF-UNDP Global Support Unit of the LDC and SIDs Targeted Portfolio Approach for Capacity Development and Mainstreaming of Sustainable Land Management (SLM)














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