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Waste management:
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Waste Management


  • To minimize the adverse impacts of waste on the Pacific peoples, economies and environment in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

SPREP’s Role

  • SPREP will help build the capacity of the PICT’s public and private sector waste management sectors to develop better policies, governance and implementation strategies. Where possible, SPREP will also assist its members with advice and assistance on particular proposals and projects.

SPREP’s Expertise

  • SPREP offers a comprehensive suite of skills, both within its waste team and in its cross-cutting staff in areas such as training, communications, education and legislation.

These pages connect you to the following information;

Recent developments - News items from our home page with a Waste Management content

Solid Waste - All aspects of solid waste management including minimization, appropriate equipment, the economics of waste, legislation, landfilling and other safe disposal. In conjunction with WHO, there is also advice provided on medical wastes.

Hazardous Waste - International conventions, minimisation, safe handling, workplace and public safety, collection systems and disposal options.

Marine Pollution - Regional agreements and international conventions on marine spills, marine invasive species, port and wharf management and liaison with the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Guidelines and Resources - Recommended reference documents

Staff - The current Waste Management team at SPREP

Search Publications - SPREP works with a Waste Management theme


Pollution in the Pacific - General information

Persistent Organic Pollutants - More on POPs


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