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Director Official Travel
Official Calendar
Director's Official Travel & Meetings 2009

January / Enero
14-24 Geneva, Switzerland. 124th Session of the WHO Executive Board
[19-27 January 2009]
Global Policy Group Meeting (WHO-GPG)
[16 January 2009]
9th Mtg of the Programme, Budget and Administration Committee of the WHO-EB (EBPBAC) [14-16 January 2009] PAHO Director's Newsletter Issue 01/2009
PAHO Director's Newsletter Issue 02/2009
26 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. Courtesy visit of Minister Laura Albornoz,
CIM/OAS President (read more in Spanish)
(CIM: InterAmerican Commission of Women of the OAS)
27-29 Tegucigalpa, Honduras. XXIV Reunión del Sector Salud de Centroamérica (RESSCAD)
PAHO Press Release in Spanish
29-30 Panama, Panama. UN Regional Directors Group (RDG) Meeting
February / Febrero
03 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. Courtesy visit by Ms. Bersabel Ephrem, Director General of the International Affairs Directorate(IAD), Health Canada.
04 Washington, D.C. Leadership Reception 2009 Latina Style 50
08-13 Asunción, Paraguay. SRMM-Subregional Managers' Meeting Andean & Southern Countries [only staff members access]
Paraguay's Official Visit

Improving Public Health by addressing the SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH [Director's Newsletter]
19 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. Report - State of the Region 2008 - for Central America and Dominican Republic
Presentación por Sr. Miguel Gutiérrez Saxe, Coordinador del Programa Estado de la Región/Nación.
27 New York. UN Regional Directors Team (RDT) Meeting on Haiti
March / Marzo
09-10 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. Visit of Minister of Health of Guatemala (MOH GUT)
11 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. Celebration of International Women's Day 2009 at PAHO
HEALTH, GENDER, and CULTURE [Director's article]
11-13 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. * PAHO Subcommittee on Program, Budget and Administration (SPBA)
16-20 Cuba. SRMM-Subregional Mangers' Meeting for the Central America, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic and US/MEX Border Office
Director's Newsletter
23-25 Albania WHO Global Policy Group Meeting (WHO-GPG)
PAHO Director Urges Intensified Efforts against Dengue
31 Canada Canada Official Visit. Visit to Nunavut
April / Abril
01-03 Canada Official Visit High-Level Canada Visit Highlights Cooperation, Indigenous Health
06-07 Washington D.C., PAHO HQ. Visit of Belize Minister of Health (MOH BLZ)
07 Washington D.C., PAHO HQ. Celebration of World Health Day 2009 at PAHO
SAFE HOSPITALS and DISASTERS [Director's article]
14-17 Bahamas. SRMM-Subregional Managers' Meeting for the Caribbean
Bahamas Media Release
Director's Newsletter
17-19 Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. Fifth Summit of the Americas (OAS)
'Securing our citizens future by promoting human prosperity, energy security and environmental sustainability'
PAHO Director at the 5th Summit of the Americas
23-26 San Juan, Puerto Rico. Convención Annual 2009 Academia de Médicos de Familia de Puerto Rico - Segunda Cumbre DIMF Wonca
23-27 Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina. Vaccination Week in the Americas 2009
Message from PAHO Director
27-28 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Official Visit
23-30 Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. PAHO Task Force Influeza A (H1N1) virus
Director's Newsletter April 29, 2009
Director's Newsletter April 27, 2009
May / Mayo
01-31 Washington, DC. PAHO HQ. PAHO Task Force Influenza A (H1N1) Virus
Director's Newsletter May 20, 2009
Director's Newsletter June 11, 2009
Director's Newsletter July 02, 2009
15 Washington, DC. Passionate for Primary Health Care (PHC) [Director's interview]
13-27 Geneva, Switzerland. WHO-WHA: 62nd World Health Assembly
125th Executive Board
June / Junio
01 San Salvador, El Salvador. El Salvador Presidential Inauguration
02-03 San Pedro Sula, Honduras. 39th OAS General Assembly
04-06 El Paso, Texas. 67th U.S.-Mexico Border Health Association Annual Meeting USMBHA /AFMES
HUMAN SECURITY: A Public Health Perspective [Director's presentation]
16 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. Meeting with the OAS Ambassadors Permanent Council
18 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. PAHO Awards Ceremony 2009
22-26 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. PAHO Executive Committee** (** Non-travel period)
24 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. Memorandum of Understanding between the Alliance for Rabies Control and the Pan American Health Organization
29-30 Panama, Panama. UN RDT/RDG: UN Regional Directors Group (RDG) Meeting
July / Julio
01 Panama City, Panama. Panama Presidential Inauguration & Official Visit
02-03 Cancún, Mexico. World Meeting on Influenza A/H1N1
PAHO Director closing remarks
Highlights from the High-Level Cancun Meeting
08 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. Sign of a Memorandum of Agreement between PAHO and the Washington College of Law (WCL/American University)
08 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. PAHO General Staff Meeting
August / Agosto
03-04 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. Visit of MOH Paraguay
11-13 Washington, D.C., PAHO HQ. Regional Advisory Committee on Health Statistics (CRAES)
Directtor's welcoming remarks
13-17 Peru. Peru, Official Visit Art as a Bridge to Health and Development, Belen Festival.
18-20 Argentina. International Fair 'Healthy Municipalities'
20-21 Uruguay. Uruguay, Official Visit
21 Argentina. Closing of the International Fair 'Healthy Municipalities'
September / Septiembre
03-06 Port-au-Prince, Haiti. High Level Inter-American Mission to Haiti
07-12 Carribean. Caribbean Wellness Day 2009 celebration
A Message from PAHO Director
17-18 New York. UN Regional Director's Group Meeting (RDT/RDG)
Strengthening the coordination among the UN and the Inter-American System [Spanish version]
23 Washington D.C., PAHO HQ. Meeting with the OAS Ambassadors Permanent Council.
Director's presentation
26-27 Washington D.C., PAHO HQ. 18th Meeting of the CARICOM Caucus of Ministers of Health
28-30 Washington D.C., PAHO HQ. PAHO 49th Directing Council**
October / Octubre
01-02 Washington D.C., PAHO HQ. PAHO 49th Directing Council**
PAHO Director Newsletter***
05-06 Washington D.C., OPS Sede. Visita del Ministro de Salud BAR & GRE
14-16 Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Global Links Anniversary.
22-23 Oviedo, Spain. Prince Asturia Award.
25-28 Cuba. WHO-DG Official Visit.
28 Panama City, Panama. X Conferencia Iberoamericana de Educación en Enfermería.
November / Noviembre
01-02 Ginebra, Suiza. AMRO/WRs Meeting
02-05 Geneva, Switzerland Global WHO Regional Directors Meetings
07-08 Philadelphia. 137th APHA Annual Meeting
American Public Health Association
11 Panama. Annual Meeting ot the Advisory Committee on Health Research (ACHR/CAIS)
23-25 Nicaragua. RESSCAD & Official Visit to Nicaragua
25-26 Costa Rica Official Visit
December / Diciembre
07-11 Washington, D.C., OPS Sede. BPB Review (EXM) - Biennial Program Budget.
15 Washington, D.C. PAHO HQ End of the Year celebration.
**** All other appointments are internal
    *** 2009 Extended Official Travel only for staff users [On Intranet]
    ** Non-travel periods
      Last Updating: 08-Dec-2009