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Instruction for use of forums

Posted by Gordana Cvetkoska at 06-Mar-2009 07:18 PM

The forums can be found at: under the Forums button of the web site, or directly following the link:

The forums are un-moderated, which means that all interested parties can post a message including links directly on the web site.

Upon selection of the forum under which the visitor wants to post a comment, the visitor can:
1. Start a new conversation on a certain topic by starting a new conversation (Click Start a new conversation button)
2. Contribute to an existing conversation. To post a comment to the general discussion, the visitor simply writes a reply in the Body Text field that is automatically opened with visiting the existing conversation.
3. To add a reply to a specific post the visitor clicks on the button Reply to this under the specific comment. When the reply appears on the forum, it will also have the quote towards which the reply is posted.

If the visitor wants to post a particular document, it should be sent to the moderator of the discussion at:

RSS Feed

The interested visitors can follow the discussion without visiting the web site. That can be done in the following way:

The visitor should when visiting the particular forum of interest click the RSS button in the upper right corner of the window and allow the browser to Add live Bookmark. Allowing this, a permanent button will appear in the browser sidebar named after the forum. When clicked, this button will list in a drop down menu latest changes, i.e. comments and discussion on the forum. Should the visitor want to visit a particular comment or the entire conversation, he/she can select from the feed drop down menu.

Feeds from the Forums discussions are updated daily.

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