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Ministry of Environement, Forestry and Water Administration, Albania

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Ministry of Envronemnt, Forestry and Water Administration

About the partner:

Mission of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water Administration (MoEFWA) is to draft and propose policies, strategies and action plans for the protection and administration of the environment, forests, waters and fisheries in order to achieve sustainable development, and to improve the quality of life and enable the country to join the European Union.  The accomplishment of this mission is carried out through participation, initiation and coordination of the activities that lead to long term developments and wellbeing, by protecting the nature and raising the awareness of the public opinion.

The MoEFWA’s main tasks include:  implementing relevant national policies, defining priority environmental and forestry investments, development of national research programs in the environmental field, and, coordinating environmental protection-related activities of the other ministries and local authorities. The MoEFWA may propose measures for the protection and preservation of the environment, forestry and water resources and is responsible for the implementation of water policy and forestry policy.

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