Green Pack in the Western Balkans

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Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

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The Green Pack is a multimedia environmental education kit designed to help teach children about environmental protection and sustainable development. The Green Pack is primarily intended for European primary school teachers and their students. Inspired by the political process "Environment for Europe", the Green Pack interactive educational materials have interpreted its sophisticated political messages on sustainable development by adapting them for teachers and students.

The Green Pack:

  • includes a large spectrum of topics on development and environment presented in their environmental, economic and social contexts;
  • presents specific challenges in their global, continental and national context as well as at the personal level (what is the role of every citizen in supporting sustainable development);
  • presents the challenge of sustainability in a compelling and accessible way. Students follow lesson plans that come with videos, exercises, interactive dilemma games and augmenting information from a CD-ROM;
  • emphasises the formation of new values and the establishment of a new model of behaviour;
  • encourages students to take a proactive approach to environmental challenges.

Each Green Pack is adapted to a particular country, with national and regional information supplementing the core material. Since 2001, the Green Pack has been implemented in 14 countries. Over 28,000 Green Packs have been produced, more than 20,000 teachers have been trained to use it, and some 2 million students have been taught using its interactive multi-media materials.

The Green Pack includes 22 topics related to environmental protection and sustainable development, divided into five chapters:

  • Environmental Components: air, water, soil and biodiversity;
  • Threats to the Environment: urbanisation, noise, waste and chemicals;
  • Human Activities and Impacts: energy, transport, industry, agriculture, forestry and tourism;
  • Global Challenges: climate change, ozone depletion, acidification, and issues affecting seas and oceans;
  • Values: ethics and values related to consumerism, human health and the environment, citizens' rights, and responsibility for the Earth's future.

Each of the main Green Pack components &mdash the CD ROM, the teacher's handbook, the DVD video and the dilemma game &mdash follows the same structure.

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