Local Initiatives

The REC provides support to local sustainable development and decentralisation initiatives. Work carried out in this field strengthens local institutions and accelerates the institutional reforms required to reach the Millennium Development Goals.

The Local Initiatives Topic Area supports the drafting and implementation of local environmental action plans, develops local biodiversity action plans, works with local communities and schools for sustainable development and builds capacities for the better operation of local and national institutions.

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The REC’s Local Initiatives Topic Area supports cooperative and transparent planning processes through the empowerment of citizens in local communities. This leads to improved resource utilisation patterns, and to improved environmental management and financing for local priority projects.

We work towards reducing poverty by ensuring environmental sustainability and by strengthening partnerships for development. We support actions that curb governance failures and eradicate areas of specific policy neglect. We have developed an array of tools in order to achieve this:

  • Local environmental action plans
  • Local biodiversity action plans
  • Local sustainable school action plans
  • Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP)
  • Local Sustainability Action Plan (LSAP)
  • Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP)
  • Local Sustainable School Action Plan
  • Course for local sustainable development and good governance

The team consists of internationally experienced senior experts, and technology and life science specialists. On average we have more than 10 years’ experience in projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Each team member possesses specialised knowledge and brings a global network of renowned management and technical contacts.

The unique combination of the REC’s local initiatives team adds value by introducing diverse approaches and perspectives in order to make sound development decisions and to actively support our beneficiaries across the whole of CEE.

Our team is headed by Srdjan Susic, senior expert for local initiatives, who holds a degree in environmental planning, policy and regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Our main, internationally experienced senior experts and technology and life science specialists are:

  • Srdjan Susic (ssusic at rec.org) 
  • Dr. Mihallaq Qirjo (contact at rec.org) 
  • Katarina Stojkovska (contact at rec.org) 
  • Jovan Pavlovic (contact at rec.org) 
  • Dr. Radoje Lausevic (contact at rec.org) 
  • Dr. Zeqir Veselaj (contact at rec.org) 

In addition, we have over 30 highly skilled and experienced full-time staff. For more information, please contact Tamara Nikolic (tnikolic at rec.org).

  • Cross-border Local Environmental Action Plans: Environmental Planning for Peace and Stability
  • Development of Local Environmental Action Plans in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Enhancing Cross-border Cooperation in the Drina River Basin
  • EU Business Awards for the Environment, Turkey Programme
  • Local Environmental Action Planning for Sustainability in the Western Balkans
  • Facilitating the Clearance of Solid Waste from the Drina River Basin

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