Biodiversity and Rural Development

The main challenge for the TA is to further develop the REC’s niche among international and national organisations working in biodiversity and rural development. Communication and education are key points of entry in which the REC has expertise and an established reputation. 

The methodology used in the implementation of activities comprises the facilitation of communication and experience exchange so as to reach consensus among different interests and development goals; and capacity building for stakeholders through trainings, publications and exchange programmes.

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Projects implemented within this topic area focus on the following elements:

  • Public participation;
  • Assistance in the designation and management of territories and sites with natural values (including transborder natural resources and Natura 2000 sites);
  • Communication and education;
  • The shaping and implementation of local, national and relevant international nature conservation regulations and policies;
  • The implementation of international conventions; and
  • Support to the development of rural areas so as to benefit people and nature (branding projects, and the capacity building of local stakeholders in the field of sustainable agriculture and tourism).

Key areas of expertise in the Biodiversity, Agriculture and Rural Development TA are:

  • Communication, participation and awareness raising: implementing awareness campaigns and supporting effective communication with stakeholders, particularly local communities, to increase understanding of and involvement in the management of natural territories, habitats and species.
  • Protected areas (including the Natura 2000 Network): assistance in the designation, development and evaluation of management plans; and support to nature conservation activities in practice.
  • Policy and legislation: assistance in the implementation of national and relevant international (e.g. EC) nature conservation regulations; and support to ongoing relevant policy processes and to the implementation of international conventions (the Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy [PEBLDS], the Convention on Biological Diversity etc.).
Sustainable agriculture
  • Policy development: promotion and support to the integration of environmental and nature conservation concerns in national and international agricultural policies.
  • Practice: support to implementing schemes and capacity building for local stakeholders in the field of sustainable agriculture (organic farming and environmentally friendly agricultural practices/production methods).
Sustainable tourism
  • Policy development: along with other sustainable approaches at local level, support to the development of sustainable tourism strategies and the marketing of tourism products.
  • Practice: assistance in the development of plans and environmentally friendly tourism products; support to visitor management activities; education and communication; capacity building in the branding of local products from protected areas.

The team is headed by Gerassim Gerassimov, director of REC Bulgaria and leader of the Biodiversity, Agriculture and Rural Development Topic Area, and Michal Miazga, director of REC Poland.

Training on Natura 2000 for Local Administration

The main goal of the project is to raise public awareness and commitment regarding the benefits of introducing measures for the protection of territories within the ecological network Natura 2000 in Bulgaria. The project also supports teachers to...

  • Publication on the Birds of Skadar Lake
  • Transboundary Cooperation for the Protection of Stara Planina
  • Protection of Wetlands Butterflies

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