Topic Areas

The REC operates on the basis of 14 topic areas, which are grouped according to four directions of work. The topic areas make it possible to establish specialised inter-organisational teams that draw from the available expertise in both the head and country offices.

Strengthening Institutions for Sustainable Development

  • Environmental Financing
  • Law, Enforcement and Compliance
  • Local Initiatives
  • Capacity Building of Stakeholders and Assisting Partnerships

  • Civil Society Support
  • Courses for Sustainable Development
  • Education
  • Environmental Information
  • Implementation of Aarhus Convention, PRTR Protocol and Related EU Directives
  • Sustainable Management and Use of Natural Resources

  • Biodiversity and Rural Development
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • Water Management
  • Integration of Environmental Concerns into the Relevant Sectors

  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Health and Environment