RENEXPO Portugal 2010

May 13-15, 2010

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Venue: Lisbon Congress Centre
Contact: Marco Neher / Tel: +49 (0)7121-3016-0 / Fax: +49 (0)7121-3016-100

At the same time that RENEXPO Portugal 2010 has been endorsed as Energy Days within the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, three new conferences have been confirmed, thus adding more value to the biggest Portuguese event on renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The events organised by the REECO Group are not merely business. In such a sensitive matter as it is the future of our planet and the sustainability of our development models and of our way of living, information assumes an overwhelming importance in the discussion and definition of strategies. That is why a very important feature of REECO's events is the conferences that go along the trade fairs, which allow decisions-makers, politicians and experts to meet and exchange experiences and knowledge. RENEXPO Portugal 2010 will not be an exception; and REECO Portugal announces that three new conferences are confirmed for the event.

The Portuguese Solar Energy Society (Sociedade Portuguesa de Energia Solar - SPES) will be organising a Conference on Solar Energy. In this particular segment, Portugal has performed very well during the last few years, using its privileged natural conditions for exploring solar energy. From 2006 onwards, a galloping growth in the installed power has been noticed, with the country now hosting some of the world's largest photovoltaic projects. Regarding thermosolar, Portugal aims to install 100.000 sq m of panels each year, reaching 1.700.000 sq m by 2020. Therefore, an integrated approach on Renewable Energies could not neglect the importance of the sun as an alternative energy source.

Portugal, with its extensive coastline, has also privileged conditions for exploring wave and tidal energy. In fact, the country is a pioneer in the use of the sea as energy source, as it hosts the world's first experimental wave energy project. It is true that this segment is giving its first steps, but the perspectives are extremely good. RENEXPO