Environmental Assessment

The Environmental Assessment Topic Area aims to support the development of national environmental assessment (EA) systems by assisting administrations, experts and civil society in their efforts to improve EA legislation, institutional setups, knowledge, skills and practical implementation. The EA Topic Area also assists governments in adhering to relevant international agreements, most notably the Convention on Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment (Espoo, 1991) and its Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment (Kiev, 2003), and supports the overall implementation of these agreements. Since its establishment, the EA Topic Area has implemented an extensive number of projects, resulting in internationally acclaimed outputs.

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The topic area tools and services include the preparation and delivery of regional and national EA system studies, training workshops, seminars and conferences, the preparation of national and international manuals and toolkits on the implementation of EIA and SEA, and pilot SEAs for national and regional strategies and plans.

The team comprises internationally experienced experts from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of expertise and experience in the field of environmental impact assessment (EIA), strategic environmental assessment (SEA), as well as environmental engineering, monitoring, planning and management.

The team has access to an extensive network of international and national experts, consultancies and authorities dealing with different environmental assessment issues including EIA, SEA, health impact assessment, social impact assessment, sustainability assessment, environmental remediation, monitoring and planning.

The team is headed by Dusan Sevic, an international expert on environmental assessment and EIA/SEA quality reviewing. Dusan earned an M.Sc. in Environmental and Pollution Control from the University of Manchester. He is a member of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) and founding secretary of the South East Europe Impact Assessment Association (SEEIA).

Members of the topic area are:

  • Aleksandar Maksimovic
  • Ana Petrovska
  • Ana Popovic
  • Diana Bejko
  • Djordje Vojinovic
  • Dusan Sevic
  • Eduart Cani
  • Hande Gulten Ozut
  • Irena Brnada
  • Jasna Draganic
  • Jerome Simpso
  • Jovan Pavlovic
  • Kaidi Tingas
  • Katarina Stojkovska
  • Lucian Ionescu
  • Magdalena Chitu Burlacu
  • Magdolna Toth Nagy
  • Mihallaq Qirjo
  • Milena Marega
  • Orsolya Kinga Szalasi
  • Peter Szuppinger
  • Radoje Lausevic
  • Raisa Gerasina
  • Srdjan Susic
  • Srna Sudar Vilotic
  • Wioletta Szymanska
  • Zeqir Veselaj

  • Building Capacity within the Turkish-Cypriot Community on EU Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures
  • Country Survey on Environmental Integration Tools, Croatia
  • Guidance on the Process of Environmental Assessment for Natura 2000 Sites
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment

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